Alright, so I guess this is a LTE now. Awesome. Anyways, welcome! I will try to make one of the longest texts ever on this very website WITHOUT copy and pasting! YAAAAY! okay. Well, I guess you should know a little bit about me. I am currently in science class. Yeah, that's it. okay, so MAAAAAAAAYBE I don't really know what to talk about. OH, I KNOW!!! I guess I'll talk about why I decided to make a LTE. So, the reason is that my friend is currently making one right now and I got inspired to do one of my own! Actually, you can find his website right here! Well, I should really get to working on my school work now. See you in next times! Well, I'm back. I was in my language arts class but now I'm somewhere! i dont know where i am ples help. Okay, nevermind. SO, it seems that I really have no idea how to make a website using HTML. Honestly, I just used the tutorial to get a main idea on how to do this. So, uh yeah. Also, i'm going to explain the difference between JavaScript and HTML because I have nothing else to do so here WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So, basically HTML is just code that provides the primary structure of a website while JavaScript is what makes websites more interactive and dynamic. Credits to this website for giving me information. Also, just a random fact about me, I live in a shed! Awesome, right? Yeah, I can basically put anything really valuable in my shed because why would someone break into a shed? The reason is nothing, because nobody would break into a shed. Or maybe that person has a shed addiction and really likes breaking into sheds, I don't know. Also, there is a disease going around called the "Coronavirus." Yeah, it's not good. 10 people have already died in my state! So, that isn't good at all. I'm making sure that I wash my hands alot so that I don't get the virus. Uh, I don't really know what to talk about so, I'm going to search up important topics to talk about. Okay, so one of them was coffee, for some reason. So, I guess I'm going to talk about coffee. I personally don't like coffee myself but that is my opinion, you can like coffee if you want to! OH! I just thought about something to talk about. Opinions. Alot of people on the internet don't really care about opinions, but if you do care about opinions, then I respect you! Sometimes, people don't even care about opinions in the REAL world. Yeah, that's right, the REAL world. I don't understand those people. It is really disrespectful to not care about opinions because, well, they're important to people's lives! Okay, I'm gonna stop talking about opinions. Now, back to the "important topics to talk about" board. Okay, another one is change. Now, they didn't really give much information on what kind of "change" they ment. Did they mean change as in money or change as in changing appearance or personality? I have no idea. So, I will not talk about "change" but instead I will talk about something I'm going to add to my website soon! It's gonna be a counter, I'm not going to tell what it will count but it will be a counter. I will just need to test it on a different webpage! Okay, I will update this when I'm done adding it, bye bye now! Okay, I'm back! I added the counter! As you can see, it's an end of the world counter! I got the counter from this website, but I don't know how trustworthy it is. But I'm gonna use it anyways hehehehehehehehheheheheh. Okay, so, what now? I think I might add a characters counter. If you do not know what that is, I will tell you. It basically tells how many characters are in a text. But I don't know HTML THAT well, so I will probably try to look one up. Uhh, I honestly don't have anything else to say. Y'know, making LTEs are hard work. First, you gotta figure out what you want to talk about and then you have to TYPE it. Also, if you use copy and paste while making an LTE, then you will be SHAMEDDDDDDDDDDD amongst the LTE community. So, here are the rules to making an LTE. First, do NOT copy and paste. If you do, then it is not an actual LTE. Second, don't just spam characters. This isn't really a rule, but I honestly think it's not a good LTE if you just spam characters, but go ahead if you truly wish to. Third, don't copy other LTEs. Just, don't. That's pretty much it for the rules. I hope you all learned something about LTEs today, and make sure you do your LTE homework!!! I'm just kidding, there is no homework, because this isn't a school, it's a website. Alright, I think I'm done here. See you laters! Ay bois, I'm back now! Right now I'm currently in my school's gallery, which you can look at other student's artwork. It's very cool! I wish my artwork was there though, maybe one day... ANYWAYS, I guess I should talk about what is happening currently in my life. So, I'm getting a new dog! YAY!! Yeah, I have had 3 dogs in the past, but I still have one of those dogs. The other two died so R.I.P. But yeah, a new dog! It's a boy and its breed is a Pitbull! no, not the singer, the DOG. Just had to make that clear. Uh, I do not know what to talk about. UHHH. I'm going back to the "important things to talk about" board again. Alright, one of them was about free time, so I will talk about my free time! Well, right now I only work on this website for my free time, at least at school anyways. But at home I usually watch YouTube videos cause I have nothing else to do! Okay, what else.... uhhhhhhh. OH!!!!! I will talk about my classes for next year! So, this year I took a theater class, an animation class, and a pottery class which I didn't like very much. Not because of the teacher, but because the class didn't really interest me. You may be asking, "THEN WHY DID U cHOOSE IT DUMBO!!?!?!??!?!?!?" That is because I just wanted to try it out, please don't yell at me. :( Okay, so my classes for next year will be theater class again, (cause i need to take it for two years to progress to the next level) a graphic design class, and a music class. I hope I will like these classes a lot!! Uh, great, now I don't know what to talk about again. I was thinking about adding that character counter, but I haven't searched it up yet. So, that's what I will do now! Okay, sadly I didn't find a character counter for my website so, unless I somehow get really good at HTML, it's not happening. Sorry. :/ Also, my friend has made his LTE using the Neocities website editor! Here it is! I hope you guys go see it as he actually inspired me to do this LTE, as I said earlier. Wow, it sure has been a while since I've updated this. Hello! I am from the future... actually, not really. It's currently September 18, 2020 as of me writing this. Yeah, quite a long time since I last updated my LTE... Anyways, my school has switched to remote learning so I'm writing this from home! Yeah, awesome, I know. I honestly prefer being in school rather than being at home since my internet connection isn't very stable... Oh! Also, my state is completely covered in smoke!! So, I have to keep the doors closed. It's not like I went outside a lot anyways, haha. So, other than that, things have been going pretty goodz! Also, you remember when I talked about my new dog a few months ago? Yeah, he's REALLY BIG now. Even bigger than my older dog, and she's 5 years old! Uh,.. yeah i don't know what to talk about. From 6 months ago to now, not much has happened, at least in my life. I guess I could talk about that character counter I WAS going to add. So, I looked on the internet (keep in mind that this was 6 months ago) and I didn't find anything. So, I'm guessing I'll need to make it myself. But, there is one problem. I literally do not know how to do something like that. Yeah, so maybe I can look up some tutorials or something but it probably won't be added, so uh, sorry. Welp, I think this is it for this entry. Maybe I'll return to doing this on a daily basis, but don't count on it. See you laters! Hey hey!! Yeah, it's me again. That's right, ME! It is now officially 2021! Well, it was about 5 days ago... yeah i'm a little late. BUUUUT, that's not why I'm updating this again. The S O L E REASON I'm updating my LTE is because my friend updated his! Yeah, that's pretty much it. AAAAAAAnyway, I'm thinking of making a game... Yeah, that's right!!!! The engine I'm thinking of using is GameMaker Studio 2, but it cost money so uhhhhhhhhhh maybe that won't happen. But, I can't give up hope! Also, I am very hungry right now so I need some food... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, not RIGHT now, but soon cause if I don't eat then I will Die. Yeah, no good. Also, I usually update this website on my Chromebook from my school but this time I decided to update it on my computer. Let me tell you, it's WAAAY better. "Why?", you may ask. Well, two reasons. First, for some reason, editing text on the Chromebook is really glitched. Basically, when you click on text and either put a character or remove one, it edits the text a couple characters back instead. Very annoying... The other reason is because my computer is just better than the Chromebook in any way. It's faster, better, and a lot of other things I guess. Anyway, I heard of this thing called a "favicon". Basically, you can put a favicon on your website and a little icon shows up on the tab thing in pretty much every browser. This icon also shows up in bookmarks as well!! So, I'm going to try to add that and I'll get back to you, viewer, if it works. Hey, I'm back nowes! I have successfully added the favicon to the website!!! YEAAAA!!!!!!!!! The icon is actually a picture of my profile picture, well, my school account picture. Anyways, I guess this will be all for now. Good in byes! Hello again! I'm back with a few new things to add. But first, I must state the date this is being written on! January 11th, 2021 is that date! Yeah, not a very special date, or at least I don't think it is... Anyway, I guess I should get in to what I'm adding before I talk about anything else. Okay, first off, my friends friend is now making a LTE! Yeah, awesome, I know. You can check that out right here. Alright, the other thing I'm adding. I'm attempting to add a sorta music player thing at the bottom of the screen. Currently, it is inplemented but I'm having trouble properly centering it. Yeah, I'm gonna have to do some more research with centering elements in HTML... Also, the recording set on there is of me saying some random thing I thought of in 2 seconds. Wow, I'm so proud of myself!!!!! I was originally planning to just put the MP3 file into the site directory, but that needed a Supporter membership. So, I exploited a loophole through Google Drive instead! Yeah, I'm a professional hakrman... Okay, not really, I literally know nothing about hacking. But, I bypassed the Supporter requirement so I think I'm pretty cool. As of right now, I'm in my language arts class. Honestly, it just seems more enjoyable than some of my other classes. I have no idea why, but that was just something I noticed. Also, here's a random fact, I'm hungry. Very hungry. We also have no food. I think I'm going to starve!!!! Good thing I have these crumbs I keep in my closet... Oh! My friend also updated his LTE! Yeah, go check both of those LTEs out. Go do it, go check them out. I SAID GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!! Sorry, I was getting a little mad... Anyway, lets talk about my grades! They're, uh, not good. Quite bad, actually. Yeah, lets talk about something else... Oh, I was also thinking of adding some background music to my website to add more atmosphere y'know? But, I realized that a lot of people don't like music that automatically plays on websites, so maybe I'll scrap that idea. Maybe. ;) Welp, I'm going to get some food, try to properly center the audio player and maybe update this more. Hey, just wanted to give a quick update. I managed to center the audio player so that it looks centered enough. I have no idea if it is truly centered but it looks like it is so I'm keeping it as it is. Also, I made an "untrue" LTE! An "untrue" LTE is an LTE that doesn't obey the rules "true" LTEs have to follow. Basically, you can copy and paste as much as you want and you can copy from other LTEs if you truly wish to. I personally won't be copying from any LTEs but if you want to make an "untrue" LTE then you can do whatever with it. Anyway, that's pretty much it for this entry. Good night or day or morning or afternoon! Wow, it sure has been a while. Well, not as long as my last break, which ended in September of 2020, but still quite long. Anyway, HI!!!!!1 It is currently March 11th, 2021 as of me writing this. Yeah, like I said, a while since I updated this. I'll probably update my "untrue" LTE today too, since I want to continue more on that. Now, lets get to business. You may be wondering, "Hey, what happened?!?!?! Why did you take a break?!?!?!" Well, since I am an actual human (surprising I know), I needed to actually work on my life so that I don't fail to live!!!! So, I took a break from updating my LTEs to work on getting my life together so I have time to do things such as updating this! I may take some more breaks in the future, but hopefully they won't be very long, unlike the break I took until September. Anyway, what else has happened? Well, not much really. I've just been mostly sleeping. That's it. Also, unfortunately, I missed the first year birthday of the creation of my LTE. DARN!!!!!!! Maybe next year... Actually, you know what I just realized? It has been exactly two months since I last updated this. Awesome!!!!!! I'm currently in my science class right now and we're doing some sort of project where we have to make an instrument ourselves using materials we have. We just got assigned codenames for this project and the topic for those codenames were about plants. So, I searched up some plants and named myself "Carpet weed". Yes, that's right, carpet weed. Why? Because I can!! Now, like many other LTE makers do in their LTEs, I'm going to have something that will be a signature icon of a LTE... When I get home. Sorry for the cliffhanger but I'm running out of time before I have to go home, so see you laters!!!!!1 Well, for now. :D Hey, remember when I said I would update my LTE as soon as I got home? Yeah, I totally forgot about that. So, uh, sorry about that. Anyway, hi and welcome back to my cooking show! Wait, wrong LTE... Yeah, I'll be updating my other LTE today too (if I remember to of course). It won't be as soon as I update this LTE because I only have my chromebook with me right now since I'm in school as of writing this. If you didn't know, chromebooks are terrible when viewing/editing large pages of text due to their limited hardware. Plus, with the little RAM chromebooks have, Google Chrome also takes a lot of that RAM so that the chromebook barely has anything to work with. So, I'll have to only edit my other LTE on my computer as it has a lot more powerful hardware than my chromebook. Anyway, enough of that. Now, I was talking about something that will be a signature icon of not just any LTE, but mine. You may be wondering, "What's this icon?!?!??!" Well, this icon is not just any regular icon. It's a very powerful icon called "The Pie God". Yeah, thats right. The holy Pie God! This icon is a very power being who can destroy millions of people within a second. Now, I'm not really allowed to share this, but I'll make an exception this time. This is the first real photograph of the Pie God. Yes, very dangerous. Unfortunately, I do not know his current whereabouts, which means he's still out there, possibly committing several federal crimes. Here's a tip to defending yourself from the Pie God. If he approaches, you have to praise the Pie God and bow down saying, "All hail the holy Pie God! The being of three identities, please spare me from your holy punishment!" Yeah, he really likes being praised. If you do this, there's a 99% chance he'll spare you. However, the 1% of people who are not so lucky get turned into a freshly home-baked cherry pie. Like I said earlier, he likes to commit federal crimes. The crime he mostly likes to commit is, of course, tax fraud. Why? He hates doing his taxes. Anyway, that's pretty much it for this entry. I may update this more today but don't count on it. Good day bye now!! Hi hey, just updating this cause I'm bored. Why am I bored? Homework! I don't like homework at all!!! I am currently attempting to finish my homework but I just can't. Not that it's really hard or anything, but I just can't focus. For some reason, whenever I try to do homework, I'm immediately unmotivated and I just don't do it. Of course, my grades have been severely affected from this and that's the reason why I'm doing homework in the first place. It's all just one big loop! First, start homework. Second, become unmotivated and lose focus. Third, look at grades and try to improve them. Those three things have been the things I've been doing for a few weeks now. It's very annoying... Maybe I should go see a tutor or something, but I have a feeling that won't help very much. Anyway, enough about all of that. Let's talk about my other LTE. Yeah, I still haven't updated it. I know I said I would be updating it on my previous entry but I still haven't. Yeah, you can blame my homework for that!! ...Which is my fault. Alright fine, blame me!!! I can't really go onto my computer right now, since I'm supposed to be doing homework right now and if I went on my computer my parents would probably yell at me. I could try to update it on my chromebook but, like I said in my previous entry, the amount of RAM a chromebook has is very small so it might not even load. But, you know what? I'm going to do it anyways! Well, I'll try. I think that's it for today. Well, have day good now!! Hey hi, it's me from the future! Well, not really. I'm writing this on March 19th, 2021. But, to be honest, you probably knew that since it says this website was last updated on March 19th, 2021. Anyway, I'm currently in my last class for the day, then I'll be free from school for the next few days!! Just kidding. If you read my last entry, then you probably know that I have a lot of homework that I need to catch up on, since my grades are not very good. Actually, I don't think I ever said that in my last entry... Well, you know now that I'm doing pretty terrible in school! What I'm currently doing right now is updating this website, of course. In my last class for Friday, we have some extra time to do whatever until the class ends. So, instead of being productive, I'm updating this! Also, about my other LTE. I probably won't be updating it for a few weeks or maybe even months. Turns out that my theory about editing my other LTE on a chromebook was correct. It's horrible! So yeah, I'm basically grounded from my computer until I finish all my homework. Just great!!!!1!!!1 Eh, oh well. At least I can still update this site without any major problems. Yeah, the text glitch thing is still pretty annoying, but I've gotten used to it. Anyway, my class is about to end so cya for now! Almost 3 months have passed since I've last updated this... Yeah, hello! I'm back after nearly 3 months of inactivity. I should probably say the current date first... Today is September 1st, 2021 and school has started back again! Yay! Well, maybe I'm not THAT happy about it since summer is over... BUT! I'm finally doing in-person school FULL TIME! Yeah! No more half-weeks of staying at home and going in-person! Although I am kind of sad that summer is over, at least I get to go to school like I used to. Anyway, you're probably wondering why I didn't update this over the summer. Reason: Didn't want to. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I was going to update it before summer started but I was too late and just decided that I would leave it as it is. So, the question now is... Will I keep updating this or just abandon it again? I'll probably keep updating it until summer arrives but nothing is set in stone for now. I may just stop updating this one day during the school year to focus on grades or something like that. But, I'll try to keep updating this for as long as I can. Anyway, what to talk about now? Actually, I should probably talk about something I've been adding to the website for a while. It's this little thing called "Archives"! Basically, the Archives are individual entries sorted and dated in a more fancy way instead of just being on one page like all the entries are right now. Of course, it's not finished yet and there are some dates missing but it's still a work in progress, so yeah. Anyway, that's it for this entry. Hopefully I'll work on this tomorrow or some other day but, it's not guarenteed. Okay, g'bye! Hey, whaddup! I'm back and guess what?!?! The Archives are finally finished!! It took me way less time than I thought it would but, to be honest, it has a really simple look so it would've took only a short amount of time. Anyway, you can check out the archives through this link or on the top of this page. I'm going to make this very short because my class ends in 5 minutes so yeah! Anyway, goodbye and farewell! Hi. Welcome Back To Another Entry In My Longest Text Ever (Lte). I Am Going To Talk Like This Because I Have No Reason Why But Seriously, Why Do People Do This. They Always Say "Because I Can" Or Some Nonsensical Reason. Okay, I'm going to stop that now. I always wonder why people do that. I get that it's harmless and something to not get mad about, but still. It's just annoying. Do other people get annoyed by that as well or is it just me? I have no idea... Actually, I might make a Google Forms later about that. Anyway, just wanted to talk about some things I'm going to be removing. First, the Experimental Music Player Thing That I Haven't Fully Worked Out Yet But Maybe I Will Sometime In The Future, I Don't Know™. Yes, I know you all loved the Experimental Music Player Thing That I Haven't Fully Worked Out Yet But Maybe I Will Sometime In The Future, I Don't Know™, but it's essentually useless and I can't figure out how to center it properly. There probably is a way to center it, but I'm too lazy to look up any more websites. Plus, it's just talking up a lot of space. So, might as well remove it to give the website a better look. Now, the second thing. I'm TEMPORARILY removing the LTE Hub. Why? The URL was exposing the school district I'm currently in. But, don't worry! The LTE Hub isn't gone for good! I'm remaking it as a page for this website! It keeps consistency and it won't expose my location! It's a win-win situation! That's all I wanted to talk about for right now. I'll probably update this when I've remade the LTE Hub, but for now, goodbye! Hey, I'm going to make this short, but I've finished the new LTE Hub! You can find it at the top of the page. Also, I want to apologize for the lack of entries for the past few days, a lot of stuff has been happening these past few days. This pace may continue, but I'll try to update this as often as I can. Anyway, good Bye . Hello, it's that time again! What do I mean? Y'know, THAT time. You still don't know? I mean it's time to update this again! Yeah, I'll try to make this a longer entry, but things may happen. By things, I mean that my current period might end and I might not even be able to update this at all! But, I'll try to. Anyway, I guess I'll just talk about what comes on my mind while I'm writing this. So, about the form for the LTE Hub. I'm going to make a new email dedicated for that form and that form only. Okay, maybe not JUST the form, maybe something else, I don't really know yet. But, I will be making a new email to put the form on. Why? I don't want to take any chances to give out any information that shouldn't be put on the internet. So, I'll just make a new email that doesn't show anything that doesn't need to be shown. You may be thinking I'm probably taking really extreme measures for something so minimal, and you may be right. But, the Internet can be a harsh place. If people don't like you. they may try everything in your power to bring you down. Whether it's by ruining a person's reputation, or revealing personal information about them. I really don't want to take that chance. Anyway, enough about that. Here's another thing that just appeared in my head. Will I be adding anything new to the website. Of course I will! I don't really know what I'll add yet, but I have so many concepts to what to add to this website to make it even cooler! Of course, some things are easier said than done. Let's talk about something else. So, how long will I keep updating this website? I want to update this website for as long as possible. One of the things that I've thought of doing for a while is making a website. Whether it be something like a blog, a game, or something totally different. Still, the thought of maintaining a website just sounded really awesome to me and it still does. If you couldn't tell, this is something that I really like doing. Of course, things may happen. I might grow out of "updating a website nobody looks at" once I get older. Actually, I'm not sure if I'm the only one that looks at this website. From my site traffic stats, it seems like I'm getting a lot of unique visits. So, if anyone is reading this and regularly looks at my website when it gets updated, then thanks! It's nice to know that some people appreciate my work, even if I'm just writing words. Okay, I'm gonna have to cut this short for now, g'bye! Hey, what's Up. Sorry that I haven't updated this in a Week. I actually went on vacation last Wednesday, so I wasn't able to update this. But anyway, this entry is going to be more short. Why? Well, I've decided to take a break from updating this for a little bit. Yes, I know on my last entry that I said that "I want to update this website for as long as possible", but I've been kinda getting burnt out from updating this site, even if it's just small things I've been adding. But, that's not the only reason why I'm going to be taking a break. The second reason is because I have a lot of homework I need to catch up on since I went on vacation. So, yeah. I need to finish that. I'm not very good at multitasking, so I won't be able to finish my homework efficiently while still updating this website daily. So yeah, sorry about that, but I have a life that I need to work on!! (and homework too I guess). Also, my friend updated his LTE!! Make sure to check that out, because if you don't... nothing will happen. BUT! I will not like you, if you don't. So, better go check it out!!!! Okay, cya! Man, it's been two weeks since I've last updated this... Which, in reality, isn't a very long time. BUT STILL!!! It's a long time to me... Anyway, Hi Hello Welcome Back To Another YouTube Video. So, you might be wondering to yourself "WOA!!!!!!!! Is your Break Completed!!!!???? More Updates?!??!?!??!?!?". Well, not exactly. I'm still on my break, as my grades are not very good right now. They're better than they were two weeks ago, but they still need to be improved, or else my parents will yell at me :(. So, if I'm still on my break, why am I updating this? Well, to simply put it, I was just bored. That's all... Yeah, I'm in study hall right now, but since I don't really have anything to do, I might as well update this to prevent my website from DYING!!!!!!!! Yeah, death, not good. Also, my friend updated his LTE! ...five days ago. Yeah, so I'm a bit late. But, y'know what? I DO NOT CARE AT ALL!!! BECAUSE I WAS ON BREAK!!! Okay, yeah. I might as well talk about the Archives for a second as well. So, y'know that thing I spent nearly a week on to make my entries into a more readable format? Yeah, I'm probably not going to be continuing it. Or, at least, I won't be updating it for each individual entry I add onto here. Which means, I'll probably add the entries to the Archive when I feel like it. But, it's a pain to update though, so I decided I'll just update it every few entries. Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. See you in like, what, 4 years? Okay, probably not THAT long, but somewhere around 1-2 weeks. Back to the grind of education... Hey, what's up?????? The sky, obviously, I think, I'm not sure, okay I'll stop this now. Anyway, I'm back, I think... Okay, I'm probably not back from my "break". Yeah, y'know, my "break". What, you don't know about my "break"? Man... how could you NOT know about my "break"?! Okay, so basically, I took a "break" from updating the website because I needed to get better grades. Yeah, about that... I recently got a report on my grades and they're better than I thought. However, my math grade isn't very good right now. Everything else is either an A or a B! Yeah, very good, I think. Anyway, about my "break". So, being totally honest here, being on my "break" has given me time to think about a lot of things. More importantly, how I'm going to continue updating this website. So, I've decided something that may or may not affect the future of this website. There's good news and bad news to this decision... I'll start with the bad news first. So, I've decided instead of updating this website every weekday, I'll just be updating it once every week. So, updates to the website will take more time. BUT! BUT!! BUT!!! With me taking more time to update the website, it'll give me more time to add more content than I could add within a day. What this "more content" is, however, is mostly undetermined, as I don't really have anything else to work on the website besides the Archives (which i still haven't updated yes im lazy). The only thing I know that will be apart of the "more content" is longer entries. Possibly, entries even longer than any on this website so far! Which, isn't really a lot, but it's a lot to me okay!?!?!?!? In fact, I already have an idea that I can add!! So, basically, I'll make a Google Document (or use something similar) to be used as a "beta view" of upcoming content. Actually, wait, I've thought of something else... Basically, beta entries will be on the Google Doc and other content will be on either a new website (with a new url) or a new webpage (using this url). I already have a similar webpage on this website, but it's private and I haven't used it in a long time. But, hey, maybe I will use that webpage sometime soon, I have no idea... Anyway, it seems that my weekly quota is up for now, so cya!!! Hey guys, just wanted to update this cause I'm bored. Also, just to note, this will not be the update of the week, that'll probably come out tomorrow. Anyway, I don't really have a lot of time before my next class so I'll make this short. Anyway, since I was just, y'know, being bored n' all... I decided to go look through some of the LTEs in the LTE Hub (which you should go check out by the way). So, I was reading Kenneth Iman's LTE and as I was reading through, I just got nostalgic for some reason. This didn't happen when I was reading the other LTE's, like Flaming Chicken's for example. The reason I think I was feeling nostalgic over this specific LTE was because the things that were written seems to be very similar to my experiences in elementary school. If I'm being completely honest, I really really miss elementary school. I had a lot of friends there that cared about me a lot. I cared about them a lot, too. I wanted to stay with them up until graduation, y'know, as childhood friends. 'Course, things didn't go as planned. What happened is that I went to a different middle school than they did. The reason this happened is that the middle school I was supposed to go to had a really bad rating, and my parents didn't want me to go there. Anyway, I wanted to stay in touch with them, but in the current situation I was at the time, I couldn't. Then... nothing. I had started a new social life, with little to no friends. Now, I'm not saying the school I go to now is bad, it's actually pretty fun. But, would I have preferred staying with my friends but going to a terrible school or leaving my friends to go to a better school. In my personal opinion, I would have stayed with my friends, and I would've if I could've. Unfortunately, even if I told my parents that I wanted to stay with my friends, they still would've made me go to a different school anyway. So, my choice wouldn't have mattered even if I chose otherwise. But, like I said before, the school I'm going to isn't bad. Well, it has a few flaws in my opinion. First, instead of having regular classes, we have "art" classes, because I'm currently going to a art school. Of course, we still do have basic things like math, science, english, but that's pretty much it. So, the majority of my classes on a regular school day usually have one academic class and around 3 art classes. Now, you may be wondering why this is a flaw in my opinion. Well, I guess I could've worded it better, but I've already written it so I DON'T CARE UHAHUAHUAHUHUAUHA!!! Anyway, why I don't like it very much is because it's just very confusing to me. The many classes that we have available, I mean, it's good to have a big selection of choices, but it's just kinda confusing rather than a normal high school, which only has the usual stuff like math, science, english, y'know. I do enjoy this school, but I would've had a better experience if I had my childhood friends with me. Alas, poor me... Okay, I'll stop talking about this now. Anyway, you remember at the start of this entry that this wouldn't be the update of the week? Well, it's actually Wednesday as of writing this. ...yeah I ran out of time yesterday. But, I guess this is the update of the week. Yeah, I expected this to be much shorter, but look what happened!! I got passionate about my writing and now this giant wall of text has appeared!!!! Wait, isn't that the whole point of this website...? Huh, y'know, for some time I completely forgot that I made this website to make the "Longest Text Ever"... But, looks like I forgot why I made this website and just started to make this into a blog kind of. Hey, isn't a LTE just a blog?!?!?!? Maybe, I don't know. But, if I'm being honest, I don't think I ever ment to take this website seriously, y'know, telling whoever that visits this website about me that isn't just made up. This whole website was just ment to be One Big Joke(trademark)!! But now, it's become into so much more... Okay, not really, I still don't take this website seriously. But STILL!!!!! Writing about things that happened in my life onto some website that ANYONE can visit really shows that I've grown to like this website. Y'know, maybe these inexperienced skills of HTML editing might get me somewhere in the future... Nah, I doubt it. After all, I AM just using the p tag and writing a bunch of text... But hey, you never know... Or, wait, it's probably "I never know...", I have no idea. Now, on another note, I'm pretty sure this is the longest entry on this website so far! Wow!! I'm actually doing what I made this website for!!! To make the Longest Text Ever!!!! Look mom, I'm winning!!!!! Okay, maybe not. It'll probably take a long time before this LTE reaches the character amount of a LTE like Flaming Chicken's. But still, I have a dream!! To, uh, surpass around 200,000 characters on a website... Maybe I should be doing something better with my time. But, hey, as long as I don't die, I'll probably still be updating this website. Key word: probably. Anyway, that's all I have to say for this entry. But, for some reason, I still have the urge to write more, but I don't know WHAT to write, so I'll probably be updating this later. Or not, that's up to me to decide. I'll also probably go and fix character counts for both Pink-ish Pickle's and my LTE. Anyway, bye and good!! Also, my G key is broken I think. It's hard to press down... So, just wanted to update this to show you guys this email I got. It's a email with a promotion about Chipotle on... my school email. Just to let you guys know, I don't sign up my school email for any specific services or mailing lists, so this email came from my school administrators themselves... Also, for some reason, it seems like they didn't finish the last sentence, which is really funny to me for some reason. Take a look!! "THANK YOU AND" What Sup, I'm bored so I'm updating this for the third time this week. Yeah, I'm not really following my plan of "only updating my LTE once per week" but y'know what? I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe I care a little bit, but, uhh... what was I talking about again? I dunno, something probably. AAAnnnyyywwwaaayyy, I've been thinking of adding something to the website. It's actually inspired by what the Pink-ish Pickle guy (my friend) tried to do a little while ago. Yeah, that's right, it's notifications!!! For when the website gets updated!!! Now, I have two ways of going about this. Way 1: Using some epic Javascript to send push notifications!! Way 2: Using a boring email address to send email notifications... I want to do Way 1, but I don't know if I'm skilled enough to add it!! I might even need a server of my own to even send those notifications!!! But, I could do Way 2 pretty easily, but I personally don't think it would be very intuitive... But hey, if I can't do Way 1, then I guess I'll have to do that. Or, I could just, not try to add notifications at all. BUT, that's BORING!!!!! Anyway, I'm going to research how to add push notifications now, so Bye, Maybe, I Don't Know... Alright, so I've added push notifications!! But, it's through a third-party service called SendPulse and it's kind of buggy, but it still works nonetheless!!! I would try to use the way Google posted on their developer blog, but most of the links to add the relevent things are blocked on the Chromebook, so I'll need to wait until I get home, which is in about 35 minutes... Anyway, yeah, that's pretty much it. I might update this more for this to include the better Google notification API rather than this, so Yeah. Anyway, if you want to have push notifications, then press the link on the top that says about notifications. Anyway, Bye Bye . Hey, so, what's up. Yeah, remember when I said I would update the notification API? Yeah, that's probably not happening anytime soon. Why, you may ask? Well, it's because I have about 17 projects due this week, and they're all heavily counted against my grade, so if I do badly or don't turn them in, everything, and I mean, everything will go wrong. So, uh, yeah, that'll probably have to wait until later. Anyway, why am I updating this? Just bored, is all. Yeah, I'm currently in study hall right now, but I don't really have anything to work on, or rather anything I CAN work on. All of my supplies are in their respective classes, so yeah, can't really do much about that. Anyway, I guess I'll write about random stuff that comes to my head until study hall is over. Anyway, uh, so, yeah, uh, yeah, uh-huh, yeah, yes, yup, mhm, yeah. Okay, nothing's coming to mind. So, I'll do the only thing I can do... Go to Google!!! And steal ideas!!!! From other people!!!!! Yeah, very fun. Alright, I found a website full of conversation starters, so yeah, I guess I'll just do that! Here's the website if you want to take a look. Anyway, first thing. "Usually the best way to start a conversation is to talk about your current situation." Alright, I guess I'll talk about my current situation. I'm currently in study hall, writing to my LTE, and uh, being bored? Okay, that isn't working. Next one!! "2. Job / Work. What do you do? How long have you worked there? Do you like it? How are your coworkers? What’s the best / worst thing about being a (their job)?" Uh, alright. So, first question, I don't do anything for work, I don't have a job, I'm not even old enough... Second question, uh, like I said before, I don't have a job, so there's no timeframe that I've been "working". Third question, uh, maybe? I don't have a job still, but I guess I like not having a job... Fourth question, I don't have any coworkers... Because I don't have a job... Finally, fifth question, I guess the best thing about not having a job is that I don't have to do any extra work, but the worst thing is that I don't get any extra money, well, not like I was getting money in the first place... Hey, that gives me an idea, maybe I should put ads on this website... So, that way I can get some extra money!! If I were to put ads, then it wouldn't be those annoying pop-up ads, it'll be like a banner ad stuck at either the top or bottom of the website, and it wouldn't move with the screen either. Also, I wouldn't add one of those annoying anti-adblocker things. I always hated those things... I know people want money, but people can have a choice to not allow annoying ads on their visit to a website. And plus, even if you can't squeeze any money out of the computer users using adblocker, you can always get that money out of mobile users!! Oh, wait, adblock browsers exist on mobile too... At least, on the Google Play Store. I don't know if there are any on the App Store on Apple devices, because I know how protective Apple devices are about installing unknown apps... But, that's not a bad thing!! Sometimes, people just install everything they see, and then they get a virus!! So, to combat that, Apple doesn't allow you to install unknown apps unless you've jailbroken your device or you're an app developer. On Android, however, you can install any unknown app with ease. Yeah, it may be good, like installing an advanced version of YouTube for example (which actually exists and you should install it, it's called YouTube Vanced it's very good now go install it now). Wow, I've written a lot... That's pretty nice!!! And it's not even Wednesday, either... So, does that mean there's going to be an EXTRA long entry tomorrow? Probably not. But, y'know what?? Actually, I forgot what I was going to say. Anyway, study hall is going to end in 5 minutes, and then I'l go eat some food, because I'm very hungry, and lunch is next in the schedule. So, what else to talk about... I guess I should go to that website again. Here I go!!! Okay, turns out that the rest of the topics on the website aren't very good to write about... So, I guess I'll go do something else. I've just discovered something horrible... The snake game... it's been exterminated from the Chromebooks... May you rest in peace, Google snake game. Oh, wait. There's that other snake game by Google as well. Well, I might as well link it!! Here, take this website and protect it with your life. Anyway, it's time to go now, so cya!! Alright, so turns out the real snake game by Google wasn't exterminated from the Chromebooks, it just wasn't loading for me. Phew, that would've been bad. Anyway, if you wanna play the real snake game, click here. Anyway, I'm gonna eat some food now, because I am very hungry, okay Bye Bye For Now But Not For Now Ha Ha Just Kidding Okay I Will Stop Now. Hey Ther e You, I'm updating this Now!!! Yeah, I'm bored again, so I've decided to update this until my current class is over. Just so that you know, this class is very boring... I've even slept through the whole class one time!! Basically, all we do is just make projects and they get graded. Sounds awesome, right? Well, NOT FOR ME!!! You wanna know why I don't think it's awesome?? It's because... Actually, I don't know. I guess the only reason I can think of is that I'm just very lazy. Alright, I've thought of a reason why I don't like this class. Basically, we do make projects, but the entire class is about pretty much forcing people to work together, even if you don't want to. Well, at least it was like that a few years ago. Now, it's basically just one of those classes that forces you "get better" and "push your limits". Thing is, the artfom I chose was visual art, and you wanna know a little secret? I'M NOT GOOD AT VISUAL ART!! Now, you may be asking, "Then why did you choose it dumbo!??!?!?" ...Wait, hold on. I feel like I've said that before... Eh, nevermind. Anyway, I chose it because it's literally the only thing that I'm familiar with doing, even if I'm not good at it. Now, if there was an option to do anything you want for your project, I would choose, eh, I dunno... Maybe making a website? I think I'm good at that. Key words: I think. Of coruse, I would choose that if we had an option to do that, but alas, there isn't. They pretty much force you to do one of the various artforms we practice at our school (because I'm going to an art school). Which pretty much consist of everything that I'm not interested in. I knew I should've gone to the tech school instead... Ah, oh well, I've already been here for about 4 years now, so I might as well continue going here. Plus, I have friends here!! I can't just abandon them!!! Actually, to be honest, I don't think they would care very much... But still, for my mental health, I can't leave!! Or else, I'd just be doing what happened to me all those years ago... Anyway, uh, sorry, I kinda got sidetracked. All that I talked about in this entry so far isn't the true reason why I decided to make this. The actual reason is that we, at the LTE Science Institution, have made an amazing breakthrough!! Well, I didn't do anything, it was mostly my friend, the Pink-ish Pickle guy, that did all of the work. You may be wondering what I'm talking about, so I'll tell you. My friend translated the message on WhileTrue's LTE!! Yeah, awesome, I know. If you don't know what happened to the WhileTrue LTE, I'll tell you. Basically, the LTE was replaced with a message in a different langauge that I couldn't translate through Google Translate. Now, onto the good stuff. So, why couldn't I translate it through Google Translate? Well, it's because it wasn't a real langauge at all!! It's actually something called a conlang, which is basically a language someone made up. Now, which conlang was used for the crypted message? Well, my friend thinks it's Votgil. In fact, he actually translated the message to something moderately readable!!! It isn't fully understandable, as there are some random words in sentances that don't make sense at all, but at least it's translated. Anyway, if you wanna read the translated message, go to the Pink-ish Pickle LTE (link in the LTE Hub cause I'm too lazy to link it here), and scroll down until you see an entry mentioning the WhileTrue LTE (which as of writing this, is the most recent entry, so just scroll down all the way until you reach the end of the webpage). You may be wondering why I didn't just copy and paste the message into here. There's two reasons to that question. First, it's because I want YOU to go look at HIS website!! It's Very Cool And Awesome and if you do not Agree then you will Die in 47 Minutes and 23 Seconds. Second, haven't you read the rules to making an LTE in my third entry??!??!?!?! It says to not copy and paste, and to not copy other LTEs!! I must follow through with the rules, or I'll be shamed amongst the LTE community!!!!! Y'know, it kind of seems inconvienient to look at the rules to making an LTE on my third entry only,,, So, I'm going to make a new page with the rules to making an LTE!! Actually, I've thought of something else, too!!! I'll make a tutorial on how to make an LTE on Neocities!!!! Oh my god, I'm flowing with ideas!!!!!!!! Nobody can stop me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'll stop with the exclamation mark spam... I just really like the exclamation mark... Don't judge me!!! Okay, uh, I'm going to make that webpage now, I'll probably update this again once I'm done, but for now, this is pretty good. Anyway, good good good good good good good good good good good Bye. For now, anyways. Yo what up my Bros. I'm gonna just write about things cause I'm sdumb. Anyway, did you guys catch the various spelling errors in the last entry? No?? Well, I DID!!!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me give you some examples such as "sentances", "Of coruse", and best of all, "langauge". Anyway, enough talking about my spelling errors. I have made a new textface. You don't know what a textface is? What kind of person- no... THING are you??!? How could you not know what a textface is?!?!??! It's alright, I will educate you on the beauty of textfaces. Basically, just emojis but not. That's it. Anyway, here's the face I made. (:_-_:) There it is!!! Oh, what's it supposed to be? Uh, I dunno. I just made it. Give me a break, okay!?!?!?!? Thanks for giving me a break for about 2.713 seconds. Okay, I'm starting to get bored now... I want to go home... To do nothing... For 6 hours... Yeah... OH!!! WAIT!!!!! I KNOW WHAT TO TALK ABOUT!!!!!!!! So, remember last entry that I was talking about my friend translating the WhileTrue message? Yeah, he´s doing a better translation now! Just go onto his website (link in the LTE Hub, Pink-ish Pickle LTE) and scroll down to the entry that says "More WhileTrue translation!!" and you'll see it!! Anyway, it's, uh, Tuesday now. Yeah, I started writing this entry on Monday, but I ran out of time yesterday to finish this, so I decided I would write more tomorrow (which is today). So, I now have more time to write about anything I want. Oh, I should probably talk about this thing I'm adding. If you read the last entry (the whole thing), you would know that I'm adding a new thing to the website. I'm adding a dedicated rules page!! To making LTEs!!! Which also includes a tutorial on how to make LTEs!!!! It's going to take a while, cause I'm lazy, and cause I need to make a video for the tutorial, and also cause I'm lazy (again). Anyway, I'm going to type the font letters now. Aa. I did it!!! I am So Cool(trademark maybe). What do I talk about now... I think I might need to consult that conversation starter website... Or a doctor... I have a terrible headache... Which is because I haven't ate anything in the past 4 hours... Which is actually 12 hours cause I slept 8 hours before waking up... Okay, I'll stop that now. Maybe... Okay kids, the moral of this story is to GO TO THE PINK-Ish PICKLE LTE!!!!!! Or else the Pie God will come and Make You into a pie. Yeah, that's right, he's BACK. The holy Pie God. He has returned to eat some children!! Which, actually, are just pies. But STILL!!! Children pies nonetheless! Oh, wait, I forgot, I killed off the Pie God in Episode 13. Yeah, rest in peace Pie God, you may or may not be missed... I'm so Not Enjoyed. So, y'know what? I'm just gonna play the snake game, because I'm Not Enjoyed at all. So, uh, I guess this is goodbye for now... It was nice meeting you... Actually, I have no idea who you are... Ok Bye ! Hey, so, I just wanted to update this because I'm bored. Yeah, that's it. Anyway, what was I going to talk about...? Oh, right. So, a thing I like to do to pass the time (because I'm in that boring class again) is to go onto the Google Support website, go to the community tab, and just look at the various funny posts that are on there. Most of these "funny" posts mostly consist of people talking nonsense or spelling words very wrong. You guys should go check it out sometimes, it's very Fun ! Anyway, onto my point. So, as I was looking at the posts, I noticed in the top right of my screen that I had a profile. So, I decided to see what my profile was. Turns out, my name on the Google Support forum is "pictuer wallper". Yes, like I said before, these are very funny posts. So, as soon as I seen my name, I knew it was from a post on this forum. So, I decided to search for it. I've looked far and wide for this post and finally, after all these years... I have found it. The origin of my name on the Google Support forum. You may be wondering, "Well, where is it???!?!??!?!" To answer that question, first, can you be quiet!??!?!? You'll wake up, uh, my dad... Yeah... Because I forgot... That the Pie God is dead... Anyway, if you want to look at the post for yourself, then take this link... Anyway, that's pretty much it now, because I'm so bored that I can't write any longer... At least I have school off tomorrow... OH!!! Also, the Pink-ish Pickle LTE updated again, with more WhileTrue translation. Link in the LTE Hub!!!! Anyway, that's it. Cya .. Nearly a week since I last updated this... and I'm still not dead!! Wow, isn't that interesting? Okay, maybe not, but still. You guys gotta commend me for living this long without updating my LTE! After all, if I don't update this... Nothing will happen. Uh, yeah. I was going to say "I won't exist anymore...", BUUUUT that's not true. So, that's right, it is time, to update, my LTE, once more. Yeah, the reason why... actually, do I have to explain why I'm updating my LTE everytime I write a new entry? It's not like I'm supposed to be doing something important, right...? Hahahaha... okay yeah maybe i shouldnt be updating this because i have about 407 assignments not turned in BUT I Don't Care. Anyway, what was I going to talk about again? Oh, right. So, about the rule/tutorial page I was working on... Well, it's still being worked on because I'm lazy. Also probably because I have more important things to do than to update this website... But hey, this is MY project, MY life, I get to choose what I do with it. Unless my parents find out and tell me to delete the website... Which most likely won't happen. But still, it could... Anyway, what else to talk about? Uh, I guess I could talk about what I should be working on. So, it's a science assignment. Uh, yeah, that's all I'm going to tell you. Actually, you know what? I'll write this entry AND do the assignment at the same time!! What could go wrong!!! Alright, I have the document loaded and I'm just gonna do that while I'm thinking of things to write for this entry. OH!! I should also mention that the counter for the end of the world has now reached below 2,500 days!!! Wow that's actually not good at all!!!! We're all going to die in less than 2,500 days!!!!! Anyway, enough about that, cause who cares about the end of the world? Nobody, that's for sure... Also, I'm still working on that assignment. Yeah, it's actually less boring than I thought it would be. Here's an interesting thing about me. For some reason, I like writing essays. Why? I dunno. Well, I guess it depends on how fun the topic is. I guess I like science... But, I probably won't be fully invested in it to get a job. Also, my arm feels warm for some reason... Do I have some sort of disease!!?! Probably not, but it's still concerning. Maybe I should go to the doctor... Maybe I won't have to go to school... Eh, it's probably nothing, even though I really don't want to be here right now. Actually, no. For some reason, I feel kind of excited about today. Why? Again, I have no idea. Why am I asking all of these "why" questions if I don't know the answer...? Oh no, I just asked another one!!! Anyway, I can't really think of anything else to write, and I also need to work on that assignment before my 3rd period, so I'm ending this entry here. Thanks for watching please like and subscribe for more LTE entries!!! Hey!!! You!!! I'm updating this again!!! So read this!!! Anyway, Hi!!!!!! It's me, that one person that does things on that website. So, you may be wondering why I'm updating this... And if you thought I was going to say, "Cause I was bored lolololo", well... YOU'RE WRONG!!!! Yeah, that's right, I actually have a valid reason for updating this website on November 22nd, 2021! So, you may be wondering, "Well, if you're so confident you have a valid reason, then what IS it, hm???????" Well, I'll tell you... After 2494 days, 13 hours, 52 minutes and 11 seconds. Okay, not really, I'm not waiting until the end of the world to tell you the reason, so I'll just get to the point, cause I've stalled long enough. Plus, I don't really have much time left... In this class, anyway. Alright, so, do you guys remember that thing that I worked on for about a week and then abandoned? Yeah, the Archives. The thing that was supposed to make my entries into a more readable format without giving someone a stroke once they saw the length of this page. Anyway, you guys also remember the Flaming Chickens LTE? Yeah, the LTE that basically started all of this. You probably know what I'm leading up to based on the context given... but I'll just lead up to it more because we need dramatic tension!! Anyway, I was just reading through some LTEs. I then decided to go to Flaming Chickens' LTE because... I was bored... Of course... Anyway, I saw this little thing on the top of the page called "Table of Contents". BUUUT, all except one of the links didn't work, and that one link was to go to the introduction of the LTE... So, I decided to look through more of the Flaming Chickens website by removing "abcd.html" from the link. I looked through the main page, and scrolled down to the News section. Read through that, until I found an update that interested me. It stated, "July 12th: "Meg" has finally done her guest rant! It's about how Barbie prepares us for Reality TV! Go to the LTE for more info!" Now, the stuff that the update stated didn't interest me, but it was actually the "LTE" link (the word LTE was a link). What I found had very much shocked me... It was... It was... IT WAS...! A more complete list of the Table of Contents. However, that didn't really shock me. What REALLY shocked me was that when I clicked on an entry on that page... It was the same format that I used for the Archives!! That's right, Flaming Chickens had done the Archives idea 16 years before me... and I DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!! Please believe me, I swear I didn't know I was copying Flaming Chickens... I promise!! Oh, right, I should probably link the page where I found this at, so it doesn't seem like I'm crazy... So here, take it!!! See how much better it is than my copied version... Even though I seriously didn't know that Flaming Chickens had done this idea before I did. Also, remember when I said it was a more complete version of the Table of Contents? Yeah, what I mean by "more complete" is that one entry was added to it (yeah I know there's more that are clickable but they don't work DON'T YELL AT ME). But hey, at least it's something! Hmm, maybe I should complete it myself... Eh, maybe I will when I get the time, which will probably be never because the grind of education is more important!!! Even though it's boring... Anyway, I only have about 10 minutes left in my current period right now, so I'll end this, send the notification, (reminder to if you want notifications when the LTE is updated, click the link at the top of the page!!!!!) and do something better with my life!!! Alright, I'm going to sleep... Good night... Or day... Wow... 8 days have passed since I last updated this... That sure is a long time!!!!!! Anyway, uh, just updating this because, y'know, that, yeah, yup, okay, I don't want this website to literally die!!! Sorry, if my sentences, grammar, or other stuffs don't make sense. My brain is kind of not working right now... Because I'm tired, Very tired. Why??? I don 't know ? Help y7777777777777777777777777777777777 SOrry. Yeah, as you can see, uh, my brain is Not Responding, Please Try Again Later (Error 402). So, what shall I talk about while I'm technically high??? Stuff and things... Ye ye *&^%! Sorry, again, brain is not working. Uh, so, I should probably talk about what I'm adding to the website, because I'm adding something to the website, because This is Something I'M ADDING to the Website! (Not Click baiit) Alright, if you've ever been to thhe Flaming Chickns website, then you MUST know about the "undefined". Oh, osrry, I ment the Javascript Kit that Flaming Chickens used. Yeah, y'know that?? Well, I've since discovered that Javascript is VERSY COOL!!! Yeah, cause with Javascript, you can do a LOTTA THINS!!! One problem, however. I don't know how to code in Javascript... You may be wondering, "Well, how'd you do the End Of The World counter, eh?????" Well, if you'd look through the source code of my website, you'd know that I stole it... I put a note there saying "I stole this countdown script..." in the script tag of the countdown. Yeah, that's right, I STOLE IT!!!! What are YOU gonna do about it?? ...Right , I forgot that I can't hear you... But anyway, back on topic. So, I went to the Javascript Kit website and I found a lot of COOL SCRIPTS!!! I found things from counters and calendars to whatever "Ajax scripts" are!! Yeah, very cool. In fact, I'm thinking of using some of those scripts on my website... For extra coolness, of course. Not for anything SECRET or anything... I would NEVER do something like that... But, I am adding some stuffs, so make sure to subscribe and to ring that bell for notifications!!! Okay, I can't thin k of anythin g else to write, and my brain is overheating from too much thinking!! so Yeah, bye Hey, yo, whaddup, It me. So. I have something. That YOU. Need. To. See. We have made an AMAZING DISCOVERY!!!! Oh, what is this discovery, you may be asking? Well, we have found... A NEW LTE!!! Well, actually... I didn't do anything. It was my friend, y'know, the Pink-ish Pickle guy, owner of the Pink-ish Pickle LTE and Pink-ish Pickle LLC, a home-owned company entirely dedicated to making... uh... actually, nevermind. I made that last part up... ANYWAY, he found the new LTE. So I decided to take a look, and see if maybe someone else other than us two are still active in the LTE community!! ...It was last updated in 2012. Well, that was a failure... BUT STILL!! It's still exciting finding a new LTE!! Oh, wait, SHOOT!! I gotta go! Because my next class is starting in 5 minutes! And I haven't ate lunch yet!!! Okay, I'm going to do that!! So I don't die!! Bye!!! Hey Guys, Welcome Back To Another Minecraft Lets Play, Today We Will Be Dying Successfully. Make sure to Die and Yeah... Okay, yeah, you already know what time it is... Time to talk about Whatever!!! Alright, I actually have something prepared to talk about instead of just going off of my head for ideas. Today, I'm going to be talking about a very powerful series of Google Documents that take up about 99.9% of Google's storage. A series so powerful... that even my friend and I... and nearly 50 OTHER PEOPLE were apart of it at some point in this current timeline... You may not know what I'm talking about, and that's fine. I didn't really expect you to know if I don't even know who you are... So, I'll tell you. This legendary series of documents was named, "The End Of The World". Now, I'm just stating off from what I recall from my memory, so some stuff may be incorrect, so please forgive me as I have some sort of memory loss... I think? Yeah, probably. ANYWAY, on to the actual story of The End Of The World. Alright, from what I recall, it started before COVID became BIG and BAD and I DON'T LIKE IT status... Actually, I think this was before COVID started to spread, even... I have no idea... All I recall is that it was started sometime in 2020. I think it was either just slightly before or after I made my LTE website, which is this website!! Anyway, my friend (the Pink-ish Pickle guy, who is very cool and you should go to his LTE NOW!!!! Link in LTE Hub...) and I discovered the art of LTEs. So, we decided to make something similar to that in a Google Doc. I think what really pushed the idea (to make it in a Google Doc) was after we had found this document I made in Google Docs in April of 2019, before we had found the Flaming Chickens LTE and I think before I had even met my friend... The document I'm talking about was called "this is e[pic". Do you want to guess how many pages the document is? About 380. Well, it wasn't 380 before I had discovered the Flaming Chickens LTE... I think it was 100 or something like that, which consisted of the entire United States Constitution translated into Russian. Then I added the entire FC LTE into the document, which increased the page count to 380. Actually, I think I added it in twice... Anyway, now onto the good stuff. The first version of The End Of The World. Alright, I don't really remember much of the document as 1. It was quite a long time ago and 2. The original document seems to be deleted, or I just can't find it... So, I can't really fact check anything. Anyway, version 1. I remember that my friend made it in our science class, and invited our tablemates to the document as well, who were kind of our friends, but, uh... I can't really explain it well... I guess saying they were passive-aggressive to us most of the time fits, right? Probably... Anyway, that first document was a VERY FUN TIME!!! Really, I had a lot of fun playing with that document. We even managed to crash our Chromebooks... What we did most of the time was spam-paste the document with various phrases and words to... try and make the document as long as possible. Well, me and my friend were doing that, while the other tablemates... they were trying to DELETE IT!!!! Our hard work would've gone down the drain!! Well, based on the fact that I can't find the document now... maybe they were successful. Actually, yeah, I think that's actually what happened. I think when you have the editor permission on a Google Doc, you can just outright delete the whole document... Which is a HORRIBLE IDEA!!! Please change this Google... I don't want MY hard work being deleted by some random person! Anyway, that's all I can remember for the first version, so lets move to version 2. Anyway, version 2 was the version that included just under 50 people on a single document... Yeah, sounds cool, right?? Well, it was. Although I wasn't on the editing team... Yeah, I know, it sucked!!! What a way to disrespect someone who worked on the original document!!!!! At least my friend got into the editing team... But anyway, instead of this version being solely about spam-pasting random things, it was actually sort of a chatroom. Also, I'll mention that the document is not owned by my friend that made the first one, but my other friend, who got inspired by the first version... well, I think, at least. Again, like I said before, I might get some things wrong, as my memory isn't the most reliable thing... Anyway, the second document did still have some elements of the original document, but like I said, it was also sort of a chatroom as well. It was awesome!!! It had like an update feed, which was updated based on both what was happening in the document and in real life. Also, apparently, the original document was my friends (not the Pink-ish Pickle guy) math notes... Nice!! Anyway, remember that un-true LTE that I don't update anymore? Yeah, both "THE END GOAL OF LIFE IS DEATH", "GUESS WHOS BACK", and "1½ egg" are all from The End Of The World 2! It all comes full circle... Anyway, that's all I can remember for EOTW 2, so lets move to the final version, The End Of The World 3. So, version 3 is the shortest of the 3 versions. Basically, it was just a chatroom for the first 10 or so pages. Then, the rest consisted of "S H E D" spam... Yeah, I'd say the third version was the most boring. In fact, I'm getting bored of writing this!! I wanna code!!! Not write a story!!!! So, I think I'll end this here. But, after a few things. First, this entire story has encouraged me to make something special... BUT!!! I'll be releasing it at a very specific and interesting date. I've changed the end of the world counter to countdown until this date. Don't worry, I'll change it back to what it was after the date passes. This is only for now... and, if I have to say, the countdown text is very fitting for what I'm making. You probably know what I'm making, but I won't reveal it officially just yet!! Anyway, I'm going to post this now and work on the thing I'm making... I'll still be updating this however, just going to be working on that thing I'm making instead of adding new things to the website, which means the Javascript thing will have to wait. Or maybe I'll do it anyway... Ok good bye (goodbye) Hey there, sorry for not updating this in a while. Just a lot of school stuff... y'know, homework. Bad grades also! It sucks.... Well, kind of. The classes are pretty fun, but the assignments aren't. But hey, I guess that's what homework does to ya. Anyway, I don't have much time so I'll just get to the point. I found TWO NEW LTES!!! Yeah, that's right, and this time it wasn't my friend, the Pink-ish Pickle guy, that did all the work. It was ME!!! I finally did something useful for once! Imagine that!! Anyway, they're both on Neocities, so if you want to see them it shouldn't be hard to find them using the search function on Neocities. OOORRR, you can go to my LTE Hub and access them more quickly! So, go do that!! Give me more money!!! Even though I don't even have advertisements on this site... or that I can even make an account to receive money.... But still, go check it out, it's pretty cool -totally non biased review by not me. Ha... ha ha. Anyway, uh, I'm probably going to be YELLED AT in my next period for not finishing an assignment, so I'll end it here so you guys don't have to suffer the pain I do!! Anyway, g' bye, or some other goodbye phrase here... 3 weeks... kinda a long time, eh Luigi? Yeah, sure IS!!!! Anyway, hello, hey, Hi, How are you? Welcome back to this little website in some corner of the internet... Also, happy 2022! Hopefully this year things don't go as badly as 2021 did, or maybe even 2020... Only time shall tell...! Anyway, I guess I have some extra time so I'll talk about somethings. Y'know that thing I'm working on, that's coming out in about 3 months according to the End of the World timer? Yeah, still working on it! I'm not going to reveal anything about the thing I'm working on, but I'm mostly sure that you'll enjoy it! Also, just a small warning, I wouldn't recommend going to the thing I'm making on a not very powerful device, as it'll take a LONG time to load. So, try to go on it on a powerful device, like a good deskop or something (although I personally use a COOL EPIC GAMING laptop, cause my family can't really afford a good desktop computer...). Anyway, uh, that's pretty much it, I don't really have much time left until my next class, so I'll end it here. Hopefully I update this later... Oh my god I can't send notifcations anymore!!!!!!!! WHat the Cheese (queso)!!!!!!!!!! What's up bros, it's me. Today I'm gonna fix my website!! Specifically the push notification thing since, for some reason, it won't let me send a push notification because it thinks that I have no subscribers. Which I don't, cause I have at least one subscriber, and that's ME!!!!! ON MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!! But, for some reason, it thinks otherwise, SOOOO... I'm gonna try to put the Google push notification thing in here... even though the website I need to generate the keys is blocked on my Chromebook... Why? I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!! But, anyway, I'm gonna use my phone in cooperation with my Chromebook to try to do this, as my actual computer is... well... let's just say I had a little conflict with my parents and I can't use it right now. Yeah... Okay, I'm gonna try this, so I might make updates in between to tell you guys if I've done it or not... or I might not!!! Who knows... Ok bye Okay, so, I kinda gave up on the whole notification thing, as I have other things to worry about... Like, uh... okay maybe I was just lazy. But hey, I still have other things to talk about...! I have no idea where I'm going with this entry, but I'm just gonna spit out thoughts in my Brain ! Oh, wait, the class is over in nearly 2 minutes... Welp, I guess I gotta make this QUICK!!! So, you may have been wondering, "Hey, why are all the recent entries very short and weird?" Well.., to answer that, it's because, y'know, but first we need to thank our sponsor... or something like that. Ya get what I'm sayin'? Yeah, yeah... Anyway, today as my mom was driving me to my School house place... We heard this little thing on the radio. Basically, our local radio station does this thing where people can contact them if either they think their spouse is cheating on them, or someone they went on a date with isn't calling them back, we heard the later. Basically, this guy wondered why this girl he went on a date with wasn't calling him back, or just even talking to him in general... And once the radio people got a hold of her, y'know what her reason was? It's because the GUY was using too many exclamation marks in his texts!!!! Yeah, can you imagine that? Someone refusing to talk to the other just because they use too many exclamation marks... And then they got into a BIG ARGUMENT on why using too many exclamation marks is a turn-off... I was just sitting there, wondering, "WHO CARES!!!!!!!!" It's literally just exclamation marks, and refusing to date someone over something as SIMPLE as THAT is absolutely one of the STUPIDEST things I've ever heard in my life... Seriously, and I'm not just talking about this because it applies to me, cause I use a lot of exclamation marks to be, uh, "Funny and Friendly!!!" It's because it's just a really stupid thing to argue about. If people every single day act like this, then I don't know where this world is going... If you get what I mean... Sorry, I'm not very good at word things... ANYWAY, kind of a tone shift, but I'm done with talking about that, and now I'm talking about THAT!! So, recently, I've been playing this very small, unknown game... Well, it's not THAT small, but literally no one I know talks about it, so YeAH!!!!! Anyway, the games called VVVVVV. It's Very Great, I Approve! 420/10! haha Weed number, anyway... Yeah, I've been really enjoying the game a lot. Been playing it on this very small, unknown console called the PS Vita. Yeah, very small, nobody knows about it except for ME!!! cause I work at Sony Entertainment. Actually, I don't, that's a lie, please don't sue me Sony. Yeah, the PS Vita, it's quite the underrated handheld. But, I don't use it for JUST the games. No... i use it for JAILBREAKING!!! I jailbroke my PS Vita, so now I can do things no other PS Vita owner can do before... PIRATE GAMES!!!!! Actually, I don't do that. Well, kind of? I buy the games on my computer first to support the developer, THEN I pirate the game for the PS VIta. Because, y'know, I already OWN IT!!! But still, buy it on the other consoles too, support the developers!! Just like what I did for my 502 copies of Minecraft on every platform ever... Okay, back to the game now. So, VVVVVV is know to be a very HARD game. And, I agree with that! Well, it isn't VERY hard, just regular hard. I can still beat the game, but after I get around 256 deaths or so. Yeah, not good, AT ALL!!!!! Still, I enjoy it. I've recently been doing the time trials, as I read on a guide thing on Steam that practicing those time trials can get you better at the game, and y'know what? It's working! Haha, finally!! I'm getting good at something!!! My parents were wrong when they said that I would never be good at anything in my life!! So, take THAT, parents! Anyway, I'd recommend you try VVVVVV if you like platformers. I sure do!!!! Also, the music is a BOP!!!!!! So yeah, if you like music too, then CHECK-IT-OUT!!!!! Well, I feel like I want to talk more, but I can't think of anything else. Good night =) Hola amigos, bienvenidos a mi casa, hoy lo haremos. Hey hey, probably won't be a real entry today, so here's some filler content. It's very Funny!! Yeah Hi GUys, sorry for taking a week break from updating this. I had to stay home all of last week for a reason that I shall not mention because uhhhhhhhhhh Ok. Don't worry, I don't have covid or anything, it was a one time thing and I don't think it'll happen again. Which is good, as I don't really work well away from school cause I get distracted pretty easily. Actually, that's one of the main reasons why I started this website! Because I get distracted easily and instead of doing my work as I should, I update this!! Anyway, I started semester two today, so all of my grades basically reset. So, from now on, I'll make a "promise" to myself that I won't Die (school-wise). But, to be honest, that won't follow throughout the whole year, I Know it...! Anyway, I don't know, I possibly don't care... I have no idea what I'm talking about! So yeag. I am so bored that even writing this is getting boring!! Anyway, I'm yeah and you're Watching Vsop. =) yeah this is it for today as I am tired and I want to go sleep and eat Butter Cookies ::::) Gello, what hup. Im gonan Yes. and ure wasging Didney canal. Okay, I have no idea what I'm talking about, maybe I'm going crazy or something, so I think I'll stop that now. Anyway, Hi! Sure has been a little bit, hasn't it? Well, kind of, it's only been like what, 4 days? I mean, that's still kind of long, but I've gone longer without updatng this... Oh god, I just had a flashback to the 6 month break I had back in 2020... Yeah, hopefully that doesn't happen again! I only plan to make a mutliple month-long break during summer, as I don't go to school during those months. I've pretty much made up an un-official rule to only update this when I'm at school... I don't know why I decided to do this, but it's basically what I've been doing ever since I started this. So, yeah!!!! Anyway, on a completely different topic, I noticed a small error in the end of the world countdown. I originally planned it to end at noon, which is 12:00 PM if you didn't know, but I had a small programming error in which it would end at midnight, which is 12:00 AM if you didn't know. Well, it was actually closer to 1 AM, as it was set for 12:59 AM, but that's beside the point. There's a reason why I mentioned that made up rule in the last... uh... sentence? Is that how you explain it? I dunno, but you get what I'm saying, right? Anyway, if I'm going to stick with that rule, I can't have the timer going out when I'm not at school, cause I won't be able to update it, since that rule is in place. Well, I could always just break that rule and update it at home instead, but NO!!! That's less fun and it reduces my time to do whatever I want at home, instead of working on this. It's not like I don't like working on this website, I do, really! It's just that I see this as more as a project kind of? Well, more so a school project, even though I've never shown anyone this except for my friend, the Pink-ish Pickle guy. Literally only he knows about this... nobody else. Well, at least, that's what I think. Maybe someone else in my school knows about this website... but hey, I can't really know for sure. Anyway, uh, I think that's it for today? I really have nothing else to talk about, so I'll just end it here for now. Cheesy queso!!!!! Just wanted to make a quick update. I just got out of PE and guess what?!?! The class played "Take a Chance" and I got second place!!!! Hell YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, what's up third or fourth update this week YEAH!!!! ANyway, yes, welcome. Just updating this cause I'm bored. Currently in that one boring class that I mentioned a few entries ago. Y'know, about like doing projects and stuff? Yeah... that... basically our group completed our work early and we're just sitting here. Well, except for these two that are talking about movies or something. I think they're friends... Only another person and I are just sitting here, doing absolutely nothing!!!! So, instead of just sitting in this wooden chair, doing nothing to contribute to society, I decided to update this again! But, the real question is, what will I talk about. I dunno. That's all I have to say. Well, cya!!!! just kiding xDDDDDDDDDDDD!!! Yeah, I'm not actually going, because I need to fufill my time requirement for this class, or else I will probably go to jail! So... yeah... yup... Okay, this is way less interesting than I thought it would be. Will I need to consult the conversation starter website again????? Hopefully not. Oh, right, about that project that I'm releasing in a month... yeah I haven't got any work done on it since around early January... oh my friend is on the document right now. Nice!!! So yeah, if you're reading this, HI!!!!!!!! Anyway, I guess I'll keep the document open for now. Hmm... OH!!! I also completely forgot about that LTE rules page that I was working on. Yeah, I guess I'm still working on that as well. But, I'm planning for it to have a more unique look than the rest of these webpages, or something. Maybe I will just make it look like every other page on here, I dunno. Also, I tried to type of the document, but the thing is... It's so long that even typing one letter will literally freeze the entire webpage and take about 4 minutes to update. I'm currently trying to transcribe the entire United States Constitution translated to Russian into the document, but Google Translate is crashing prematurely... Well, I'm going to end this here now. Not because I don't want to keep writing, but I kind of need the extra resources on my chromebook. So, I'm going to close all of the tabs that I don't need. SO yeah, Bye Bye good Higuys, today I'm going to make a little page for all of the Funny Games i've found. This is probably going to get my website blocked from the school proxies, but hey, I can just make another version of this website without the games page. Yeah!!! oky here we go what Up, i complete The Game page. So Yeah, check it at top of Page =) Okay, I've removed the games page, because it just seemed like a stupid idea and I was basically begging to get blocked, so yeah. I honestly don't know why I did make the games page, I guess I was just so bored that I decided to do delusional things in order to get excited. So yeah, never doing that again... probably. Anyway, I may or may not update this, I don't know. I'm kind of getting burnt out on updating this so I may take a small break. Yeah, BYE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, just wanted to tell you guys that I'm not dead, just bored. yeah that's it Goobye Actually, I've changed my mind, I guess I'll write some more cause I have nothin' better to do. So, what's there to say? I've just been bored out of my mind these past few weeks and I haven't really felt like updating this. Usually if I feel bored then I would update this, but even that's gotten boring. My friend hasn't updated his LTE in 3 weeks, so I guess I've just adopted that too. No offense to him though, I get it. We've been doing this for nearly 2 years at this point... Y'know, I was expecting for this to last until I graduated from high school, but it looks like I'm already at that point where I just don't feel like updating this anymore. Jeez, that sentence sounded like I was depressed or something... Don't worry, I'm not. I guess I'm just using some edgy wording. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with this website after I release that thing that's coming out in 9 days. Hell, I don't even know what to say! I guess my mind's going blank trying to come up with words to write. Maybe it's because I'm hungry...? Probably. Yeah, I can't think of anything else to say. I thought I was going to say something, then my mind just pushes it out of my memory. Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot... and it's ANNOYING!!! Seriously, I try to say something, then I just can't. Do I have some sort of mental disorder or something? Maybe... Well, I do have a disability, kind of. Not really with my brain (though that's unconfirmed), but rather with my feet. Basically, I can't walk normally. There's this muscle in the legs of a human called the "achilles tendon". It's a muscle that allows you to... uh. I don't really know how to explain it, so I'll just copy and paste from WebMD. "The Achilles tendon is a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone (calcaneus). The Achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body. When the calf muscles flex, the Achilles tendon pulls on the heel. This movement allows us to stand on our toes when walking, running, or jumping." Thanks WebMD. Anyway, turns out that the tendon on both legs is too short, causing me to constantly stand and walk on my toes. Y'know, I have this feeling that I've already told you guys that I have a condition like this... maybe I did. I dunno, but I'm just gonna explain it here anyway. This condition prevents me from doing a lot of basic exercises and greatly reduces my stamina in my legs, meaning that if I stand/walk for too long, my feet start to hurt. A lot. Well, it depends on how long I stand/walk, but it starts hurting bad pretty fast. I'd say about 25-30 minutes is when I start to feel a lot of pain. I have to constantly sit down to rest my legs, even if it's on the ground. I tried to get it fixed a few years ago, through surgery, but that didn't work. I could try getting surgery again, but I don't think that'll have a good impact on my grades, as I would have to stay home for a few weeks or so. It sucks knowing that I might never get this fixed, and I might just stay like this for the rest of my life, which as I might add, has a very bad effect on my back. I'm only in high school, and I'm already having back problems!!!! Anyway, this went on longer than I expected, but that's good. I said that I was expecting this website to last until I graduate, and if I keep going on rambles like this, then that might just be a possiblity. Anyway, that's it for now. Goobye for real (i think) Hey, I added a dark mode option in request of my friend. I'm also planning to add a system that remembers if you enabled dark mode or not so that it would apply to other pages on this website. But, I need to research all about cookies, which is kind of complicated. So, I'll try to add something like that, but I can't guarentee that it will be added. Anyway, that's it. Bye Wow! I'm actually updating this on the first day of the week!! Nice!!! Anyway, yeah, another update. Just wanted to talk about some things. Such as, my spanish teacher. Yeah, I'm going to talk about my spanish teacher. Mhm, yeah, talking about my spanish teacher now. Yup................. okay I'll talk now. Anyway, about her, she acts in a very interesting way. Sometimes, she talks in this tone of voice like she's very pushy about us not answering questions. It's not that we don't want to, it's just that sometimes we don't understand. But she seems to think that we know everything about the Spanish language and that we know how to perfectly speak it. Truth is, we don't. We're only in spanish 1. It'd make sense if she acted that way if we were in spanish 2, as we should know some about the language, but we're not. So, she gets very pushy and keeps repeating the same questions in an annoyed tone of voice thinking that'll make us understand the question. But, the truth is, I know she isn't trying to be rude to us. It's really just the way she talks when she teaches, and a lot of people (myself included) get the impression that she's mad at us for not understanding sometimes. But, she isn't. Well, I don't think so at least. She's actually very nice, I've talked to her outside of class and she's a nice person. Sure, she still has that tone of voice, but that's just the way she talks. So, the real question is, if I made the conclusion that she's a nice person, then why did I even make this whole thing explaining why she has that annoyed tone of voice to begin with? Well, I have no idea. I just wanted to uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Write. Anyway, I found this funny thing that you should look at also why is my chromebook telling me to update my software I will not go away now ok bye here's the thing I wanted you to look at yeah Hi hi, today I want to celebrate getting 5,000 hits on my website! Nice! Yeah, very cool. I literally have nothing else to say other than the thing that I keep procrastinating to work on as it literally won't work on my chromebook releases in 2 days.... and I'm not even half way done with it!!!!!!!! Well, that's it for today, as I can't think of anything else to say. So yeah, bbbbbbbbbbbye. Wow, I actually did something for the LTE's birthday!! Yup, that's right, today is March 4th, 2022, the same day I created my LTE. Oh, also happy birthday to the Pink-ish Pickle LTE as well. Anyway, in collaboration with the Pink-ish Pickle guy, original co-creator of the first End of the World, we have released THE End of the World Part 4!!!!!!! It's at the bottom of the page. Anyway, I guess I'll talk about it. I wanted to do something nostalgic for the second LTE birthday, y'know, something to bring back old memories... I thought it was fair to do part 4 for the birthday as it basically kickstarted this entire thing, so yeah. I can't really think of anything else to say here, so just read the document, it'll give you some more info. Anyway, I guess I'll just talk about some random stuff now to fill my character quota for the day. I currently got some Pringles (sour cream and onion) and I may be the only person in the world that likes sour cream and onion flavored chips. I have never met another person in my entire life that like sour cream and onion chips, except for myself. If you like sour cream and onion chips, make sure to give me a Facebook follow on 70 alternative accounts! Haha, just kidding, I don't use Facebook. Anyway, I need to focus on my math class now. CYA!!!!!!! Hey Hey What Up! Today im gona talk about my my. What is a my my? Well, I dounno. I just made it Up! Alright, if you couldn't tell, I'm very bored... Like, VERY VERY bored. I'm currently in PE right now but instead of playing games, we're supposed to make a game. I don't think we'll actually play them though, it's just for this assignment. So, all of us are just here, sitting on the ground, on our Chromebooks. Everyone else seems pretty occupied either talking with their friends, making up a game, or both. While me, well, I'm just sitting here, all by myself, because I know literally nobody in this class... Literally no one. At all. Which explains why I'm so bored. I have NOBODY!!! To talk to... So yeah, I guess I've just been messing around on my Chromebook for the last hour and 10 minutes? I think that's how long it's been... Anyway, My other class begins in around 8 minutes, so hopefully I can just fill up that time while I write, because I don't want to be here anymore. It's boring and I'm highly confident that my next class (the last one of the day) is around 100,000 times more fun that this. Supposedly, we're going to watch the first 25 minutes of the first Ghostbusters! YEah!!!!!! We're doing a film unit in my English class, which is my next class, and it's actually kind of fun. I just overheard a conservation that this person in my class went to the next class by us and played PE games with middle schoolers. Man, I wish I could've done that. It would've been a Lot Of Fun!!!!! Or something like that. Oh, I know what to talk about! I don't really get the hate against middle schoolers from high schoolers. I mean, yeah, they can be kind of annoying, but they're middle schoolers, do you really expect them to be as mature as you? I personally Don't Think So! I've had quite a lot of fun experiences with people younger than me. In fact, I think it's more fun with people younger than me. They have this sense of carelessness that I admire. They could literally do anything they'd want, and they would get away with it most of the time. I wish I was like that when I was younger, but unfortunately, I was... a LOSER!!!!! And I still kind of am. But hey, at least I'm not completely hated by the entire school, I have some friends!! And y'know what? I think it's better to only have a few friends then like 9 or 10 friends in a single group. Anyway, my time's up now. I might talk some more later, but I dunno, only time shall tell. Anyway, Boy Boy Bye Bye So, do you remember way long ago I tried to implement that uh... hold on, let me pull up the title for it... ah right. It's The Experimental Music Player Thing That I Haven't Fully Worked Out Yet But Maybe I Will Sometime In The Future, I Don't Know™! So yeah, basically I reimplemented that thing into my website and I finally know how to properly center it this time! Turns out, the answer was a lot easier than I thought it was. For some reason, I originally tried to center the player only using the margin tag...? Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking, but basically I literally just put the iframe in a center tag and it just automatically centered the player for me. Yeah, literally THAT EASY!!!!!! And for some reason, I didn't even think of doing that like... around 1 and a half years ago. I don't know the exact date, but it was somewhere around there. Anyway, the class I'm in is really short, so I'll have to stop here. uhhh I can't think of a proper ending so yeah this is the ending Wow, I'm bored and I only have 5 minutes left in my class. Well, guess I'll just say some stuff! Actually, I can't think of anything to say. So Alright, I've finally discovered something to write about! So, let me give some backstory first. So, in my school district, there's this website that a student made that basically hosts a lot of "unblocked" websites and games. What I mean by "unblocked" is that, with our school district, and probably any other school district, they use a proxy for all of our devices provided by the schools to block access to websites that have games and whatnot. Basically, just things that may distract students from doing their work. Anyway, this website, as I said before, was a hub for a lot of unblocked websites and games one couldn't usually access with just the standard settings on our device. Anyway, you may be wondering why I'm talking about this. Well, this website has had a history for being blocked by our proxy, to then being unblocked, and then being blocked again. It was pretty much an loop between those things for around 2-3 years. Anyway, today, I've just discovered that the proxy has basically permanently blocked the website. But how? Well, before the website creator would be able to unblock the website by just changing a number in the domain URL. An example of this would be a domain URL such as "" to "". How the creator did this is just by either creating a new website or changing the existing one using some sort of method in the service they were using, which was Replit. Now, I've never used Replit before, so I don't know how one would go about changing the domain name or creating a new website, but I can probably assume it was quite easy based on the speed of which the website was reappearing. Either that, or they had a lot of money to throw away on new domains. However, instead of the proxy just blocking that specific domain, the administrators instead decided to just block any website with, what I'm guessing, the main name of the website, followed by a hyphen and any number. Because I tried numbers 1-999 and all of them were blocked. In fact, I'm pretty sure I know the way they did it, but I just can't really explain it. It has something to do with the exclusion feature in certain proxies, which you can block a website domain that has some sort of prefix or subfix, such as or, in which the name "neocities" would be blocked, so neither of those websites would be accessible within the proxy. Or something like that, I've never really messed around with a proxy. However, I do know how to get a list of SOME websites that either go through the proxy or make a direct connection. The only websites that make a direct connection, without any proxy, are only school-affiliated websites. I'm guessing everything else goes through the proxy, as supported with this line that shows YouTube links and anything affiliated with YouTube go through a specific proxy. It actually shows the link within the code. In fact, all this code is just JavaScript... yeah I just discovered that now. Actually, wait, I've just discovered something really interesting. In the proxy config file that automatically loads when I start my Chromebook, there are some very specific Amazon Web Service URLS, and when I try to go to them, it says something along the lines of "This specified bucket does not exist." I think this might be a "raw" 404 page? I don't know. But something just popped up in my head. If these URLS are untaken, and the connection method within the proxy config file is direct, then does that mean if someone were to take that URL, and make something such as what I was talking about before, y'know the website with a bunch of unblocked stuff, would it technically be invulnerable to the proxy? Well, not really, but it sure wouldn't get blocked for quite some time. I would explain this, but I'm hungry, so I'm going to eat some food now. Good night nighty night Bye Hello Hi, I have now decided to reimplement the OLD end of the world timer, which counts down to September 21st, 2028 at midnight, which is the real end of the world. Yeah!!!!! ANyway, I don't got any time left as I only have 2 minute until my next. SO so So by. Yo, Hi. I have finally decided to update the character counts on my LTE Hub, and guess What! I have typed around 97,000 characters on my LTE!! According to my LTE Hub, I am currently Within 3rd place for the most characters!!!!! However, there's still a big gap. To get to 2nd place, I need to write around 100,000 more characters, and if it's taken me more than 2 years to write this amount of characters, then I'm going to be here for a while. Unless I somehow write around 50,000 characters within a Day, which will NOT HAPPEN!!!!!!!! Hmm, but, I guess if I just keep talking about random stuff, then maybe, I could do it within a year... I dunno, it's just a thought. Anyway, I may or may not write more later, cause I gotta do some stuff. Ok ok Hi hi, still not dead, just too un-bored to write!! Wooooooo!! That's grapes! Only readers of the Pink-ish Pickle LTE get that reference... What's up gamers, sorry for not updating for nearly 3 whole weeks of Pain and Torture and etc. I decided to Live My Life A Little... and unfortunately, it resulted in the temporary death of my LTE... But do not fret, my dear viewers... I have returned!!! I think? I dunno, but I decided to update this since almost 3 weeks ago. Yeah, I can't really think of anything else to say...! My LTE Skills have gotten a large amount of rust!!!!! I guess I'll need to get back into the Swing Of Things. but Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah I can't. think Of Anything!!!!! My mind has gone numb and this food has turned sour! How OFFENSIVE... But don't you worry. I have no idea what I'm talking about, so that's for you to decide whether or not that's a bad thing. Yeah, I think it's because I have so little time left in my class, my brain automatically shuts off. ANyway, i think this is it for now, cuz I want to do other thing. :) Bye!!!!!!!! Another week has passed... and I haven't done anything productive to Increase The Value of this website!!!!!!! Oh no thats not good! Guess I gotta Fix.! or ya something. Look man, I don't know what I'm saying these days... Just random nonsense!! I'm just really bored... of updating this website. Yeah I've been finding actual hobbies to participate in instead of Doing This. Whether that's a good or bad thing, up to you. I personally don't know... I'm tired, I want to go home, and sleep... but I cannot!!!! Because I have to do the school stuff, or else I will Not Succeed. And I don't want THAT... so Yea. anyway, Pink-ish pickle lte has been updated, check it out in the LTE Hub, yeah I'm out. Another entry, another hour wasted... or something. Hello, I'm updating this because I don't have a reason!! Actually I do, and it's that testing is currently going on in our school, BUUT, our grade already tested in 2021, so we don't have to test again. So, they instead put us all in seperate rooms corresponding to a specific class we're in. Well, it's the same class, but different teachers. It's pretty much required by the state to have this class in order for us to get all of our credits... since we're an art school. Anyway, guess I'll talk about some other stuff instead of school. So, I'm in a classroom, with people I barely know, since all of my partners for the class we're in are testing, I'm just alone, in a corner, crying myself to sleep... JUST KIDDING!!! I'm not THAT sad and lonely! But still... (sad violin plays) Okay, enough of that. (sad violin abruptly stops) Currently someone's playing the piano in our classroom, as we're in our orchestra room, and then very faintly... you can hear someone watching meme compilations. Ah, the duality of good and evil... never gets old. Actually, IT DOES!!!! PEOPLE HAVE BEEN "Experimenting" WITH THIS IDEA FOR YEARS!!!!!! Like, c'mon! Get some originality! Actually, that's a trick request. Nothing is truly original... (sad violin plays for a split second) Anyway, my Chromebook is currently at 7%, so... yeah you thought I'd end the entry here. Well, YOU'RE WRONG!!!!! #TROLLED!!! I'm gonna keep writing until either our class ends OR my Chromebook dies. Actually, when that happens, I won't have any electronics to look at... because my phone is at 12% or something. Yeah, I throught I charged both of them last night, but apparently, THE CHARGERS JUST DIDN'T WORK FOR WHATEVER REASON!!!! They were literally plugged in and everything too, I don't see why they wouldn't work... anyway... I just thought of a good idea. Y'see, I like to Draw. And when I Draw... things go... Sour. Not really, I just like to draw weird things, because yes. So, that begs the question... Would YOU, yes YOU, my dear viewer and reader of this very Longest Text Ever... like to see a gallery page of all of my weird drawings? Well, I don't know if you said yes or no, BUT I'll assume you said yes, because I, yes ME, the creator of this LTE, like this idea Very Much! and you cannot STOP ME!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA-oh god i think i just broke one of my ribs God Damn It. And someone's playing the Spiderman 2 pizza theme... while i'm dying... My life is going GREAT!!! now the guy that's playing the piano is playing the Spiderman 2 pizza theme as well... Anyway, I'll stop dying now. (regenerates broken rib bone) See? Good as new!! Hmmm... what to talk about... well my chromebook is at 4% now, after like 20 minutes of writing and thinking... and you wanna know the best part? I Didn't Bring My Chromebook Charger. Yea!!!!! Wooooo!!! Give it up to Me for that AWESOME DECISION OF NOT BRINGING MY CHROMEBOOK CHARGER!!!!! yea whateva. Now literally everyone is trying to play the piano, and it sounds absolutely horrible... It's literally just a Bunch of Piano keys being pressed at once. Is this what the call a "song"? I don't THINK SO!!! Oh great, now my chromebook is at 3% and has 15 minutes left of life... then I'll have to revert to using my notebook for writing my entries. Someone just played the first 4 notes of Megalovainia on the piano... What's next?!?!?!? Man, this is my longest entry since... March I think? Great, now they're playing that one FNAF 2 song on the piano... What really is next? I honestly cannot predict. Alright, I'm just gonna post this now as my Chromebooks at 1%. So, CYA!!!! HiHi... i've just been changing some things to the website in the background, Such as organizing pages into folders and optimizing(?) this page. What I mean by optimizing(?) is that I've basically just put all of the javascripts into their own files and made this page reference them so they'd still work. I think that decreases the loading time by a little bit? I don't know. I roughly counted that on a school Chromebook, this new optimized page takes around 3.9 seconds to load, while the old one with the scripts directly implemented took around 4 seconds. So, I don't know if it's gonna effectively impact the load speed, but I sure Hope It Does!! Anyway, I have no idea what i'm talking about, so i'm just gonna Bye. Bye. Jeez, it sure has been a while! 4 months... well, I guess that's what happens when you want to enjoy your summer vacation or something. Actually, didn't I say that I would only update this during the school year or something...? I have no idea, but back to about enjoying my summer... Really, the only thing I did all summer was just stay home and play them vimeo gamse. But, hey, that's pretty much what I do every day except for going to school and doing homework if I have any, that is if I can convince myself to do it that is... Anyway, HELLO!! I have returned... maybe. I will probably definitely absolutely only update this at a much slower pace than I was last year. Or, maybe not! We'll just have to see how the school year goes. But, honestly, I have been getting a little burnt out of updating this. So, as I've probably said before, if I just randomly stop updating this for around a half-year or so, I wouldn't count on this getting updated again. Anyway, small update. We recently got ThinkPad laptops instead of Chromebooks this year, with a mighty fine amount of RAM, 8 gigs to be specific. Now, that may sound too good to be true, and you're right! Because, in exchange for good RAM, the CPU got downgraded. Well, actually, I'm not sure about that, it might be the same, but it just seems slower as these laptops run Windows 10 rather than Chrome OS. Anyway, during the creation of this sentence I advanced about 3 hours into the future! If you don't know what that means, time passed. That's it. Get with the program!!! Or, rather, get with thy programmé... or something like that. I don't know!!! What I'm saying!!! Ahhh!!! ...Either way, I forgot what I was talking about 3 hours ago. So... uh... guess I'll talk about something else then? Oh, just got a glimpse in my head of what I should talk about. Yeah, that's right!! Alright, so, when we first got our new and "improved" laptops, I'd seen that they run Windows 10, right? So, the first thing I thought to myself was... "I wonder if I can install some games on here!", as any child would think, obviously. So, I decided to get a flash drive, put a game onto there, and then put that onto the computer! So, once the laptop recognized the flash drive in the USB port, I went to the directory where the game was stored and tried to open it. Unfortunately, it said something along the lines of ,"Your administrator has blocked access to this application", or something. I can't really remember... Either way, apparently the district was a lot smarter than I thought they were and implimented a whitelist to a specific few applications. Basically, just the stuff that the school required us to use. Yeah, that means no games... at least for EXE files. Yeah, you can still go onto Chrome and look for browser games there... as long as they're not blocked by the proxy. And!!! They even unblocked the Chrome dino game! But, I have a feeling that was an accident rather than being intentional. Uh... I don't really have much more to say, so I guess I'll end this here. Or maybe I'll start writing a new entry, I have no idea. Either way, I'm done. (for now) See you in next times. Hey, whatsapp. I mean, what's up. I don't know! What to do. Yeah, I'm quite bored if you couldn't tell, which to be honest you probably couldn't... because this is text... Anyway, time to write some more because I have nothing else to do. Yeah!!! First things first, I'd just like to let you all know that the weird glitch that was on the Neocities text editor that was on my Chromebook? Yeah, that doesn't exist anymore on this new laptop! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! But, it'll take a while to get used to, as my brain was trained to write with that glitch... or something like that. My brain isn't working right now... So... yeaah. I have no idea what to talk about. I'm just sitting here, in my chair, thinking about what to write about. Currently, I'm in my English class right now... actually wait. It's more of a geography class? Yeah, that's what it is. We currently don't have anything to work on, as the teacher is attempting to get everyone into this "textbook" thing on our laptops... It's confusing. I already got into it around 2 days ago, but it seems that other people are having problems. Whether it's because they're having tech problems or just don't know what to do, they're having problems for sure. Oh, wait! I do have something to work on. Buuuuut, I don't wanna work on it in class. I'll probably explain it in more detail in another entry since A. We have about 3 minutes before we actually have to pay attention to the teacher, and B. I'm lazy... Y'know, I've noticed something about the way I write... or rather type. Same thing, same thing. I think? I'm getting off track. ANYWAY, what I've noticed is that I write a lot of "..." in my casual writing. I think those three dots DO have a name, but I'm too lazy to look up the name right now... even though it'll take me 3 seconds. Actually, I've motivated myself enough to look it up, so that's what I'm going to do. Okay, well I tried looking it up and I guess Google doesn't recognize the three dots as an actual search phrase. I'll do it later... Either way, I have to go now. So... yes, that means I need to go. Good bye night day or yes? Hello again! Today, I'm gonna write! ...isn't that what I always do though? Well, it's that or coding some more things into my LTE, and I don't feel like coding right now!!! Sorry, sorry. Just having arguments with myself again... jeez I really am a loser!!! Either way, this is MY LTE, so I can do whatever I want and talk about whatever I feel like. So, today, I'm talking about this little game my friends found called "EXP Simulator." But first! A message from our sponsor, the entirety of Britain. So, if you've seen recent news lately and haven't been living under a boulder, like a LOT of you do for some reason... you'd know that Queen Elizabeth recently passed away. Sad! I know... But, if you knew me in real life, and were my Friend... I would be a lot more insensitive than I am right now. What I mean by insensitive is that I'd make a joke about how America basically took a giant W for the Queen passing away, and that America doesn't need any royalty to worship. However, this isn't a group chat between my friends, it's a publically accessible website on the famous website creator/hoster Therefore, if I were to make these jokes, I'd probably be tracked down by the British police and be sent to British jail... or worse. So, as I am currently being forced to write this segment due to said British police standing in my room and pointing a revolver at my head, I deeply apologize for making those insensitive jokes regarding the Queen's recent passing, and I will make sure to not speak ill of any deceased royalty for as long as I live. Thank you. ...are they gone? Okay, phew, they left. Sorry about that, I was being forced to write that if you couldn't read that one sentence about the British police pointing a revolver at my head, yadda yadda yadda, you get it. NOW. It's time to talk about... what was I going to talk about again? OH, right, EXP Simulator. So, my friends showed me this game less than a year ago, I'd say around April-May. This game is... addicting to say the least. I didn't find it that interesting when they first showed me it, but as time progressed, I got more hooked. I was quite far into the game before summer break, but due to us getting laptops instead of Chromebooks this year, none of my progress saved from before summer. So, I have to start all over. However, I'm getting my progress back at a steady rate, so I should be right where I left off in no time. It's also worth mentioning that I also managed to hack my save and basically get to the end of the game in around 1/10th of the time it would normally take me, possibly even more. If you want to play the game for yourself, here it is. Alright, I have to go now though, so see ya! Later...? Just gonna make this short because, well, I don't know, I guess I don't feel like writing right now... ANYWAY, I added a new beta page which basically serves the purpose of seeing new content I'm trying to add while it's still in it's "beta" stage. Yeah, that's pretty much it. I may or may not explain more on this later, depends if I feel like it. Link at the top of the page right next to the Archives and TEOTW4 link! Insert goodbye here! Well... it sure has been quite a while. Exactly an entire month has gone by... wow! Time sure does fly. Uhhh, I don't really have much to say, because I can't think of anything to talk about. Just wanted to let all of you know that both the Textra and Pink-ish Pickle LTE have been updated recently! So go check them out!! Uh, yeah. Well, might as well talk about what I'm working on at the moment. Currently, I'm trying to get this stupid cookies system working with the dark mode toggle. Been at it for nearly 3 days I think. I believe I'm getting close... but still quite a long way. What I'm planning to do with it is that so everytime you toggle dark mode, a Javascript will make a cookie with a value, either being 0 (for off) or 1 (for on), and everytime you come to this website, that Javascript will check the cookie's values and will change the color of the site accordingly. Currently, I only have the code set up to affect the index page, which if you don't know, is this page right here. But, I am planning to make it global to all pages on this site. Seems easy in theory to me, but it will probably take a while. Hell, I'm having trouble with something as little as setting a cookie for whether or not the body tag has the dark mode CSS class applied! It sounds easy, right!? Well, to me it does... but for some reason the script just doesn't want to edit the cookie. It'll create it, set the value to 0 (as it should, cause the toggle hasn't been toggled yet), but then it won't change it to 1 when the toggle is pressed. The editor and Google Chrome's console says there's no errors in the code, so I have no idea why it isn't working. I might have to consult the forum members over at StackOverflow... either way, my day's going fine, how's yours? Oh right, I can't hear you... Well, I guess I'll tell you about my day so far. So, I woke up, drank a cup of coffee, got ready for the day, mom is driving me to school and says she got a free extra coffee cause they messed up her order, says I can drink it, proceed to do exactly that, got to school and went to math class, started feeling sick in the stomach, went back home, and here I am. Yeah... y'know that doesn't really sound like a good day to me. Whatever... I'm tired of typing, er, coding, WHATEVER!!!! Anyway, like I said before, go check out Textra and Pink-ish Pickle LTE, and I'm gone now. Whoop! Yo yo, what is The up. The sky!!! Hauhauhau. Uhh, yeah, I do not have a single idea on what I'm doing right now... my brain is not functioning! WEOW! Anyway, just wanted to say that I am temporarily removing the... uh... what was it called again? Hold on... ah whatever. It's the music player below the countdown. Yeah, that. I'm removing that because apparently Google Drive shows people who view the file on their platform who uploaded it, and their email address too. So... I'm not gonna host the music files on Drive anymore. BUT!!! I'll find a way to bring it back, even if there's no demand for it... I'll probably just host the file on a web server or something, probably using Firebase or Google Cloud or some other obscure platform. Speaking of Firebase... I'm considering migrating this site over to their platform. Key word: considering. There's still some things keeping me on Neocities. First of all, Firebase doesn't exactly have a online HTML editor... Also, Firebase does give your more control over your website, such as giving you more storage AND able to actually put video and audio files onto the website without paying! Well, not exactly. Firebase does charge you for monthly activity on your website, basically a quota. There is a free plan on their platform, but if you go over the quota, then your website will be temporarily shut down for the month. Yeah... I don't really want to deal with that. So, for the time being, I think I'll just stay on Neocities for now. Actually, the reason why I did want to move over to Firebase is that you're able to implement push notifications into your website, or as they say "web application", but I believe the process is complicated. The process is also complicated to implement push notifications into this Neocities website, but if I'm going to choose between the two, I think I'll stay on Neocities. Anyway, I think I'm done typing for now, Good bye... oh wait I forgot. I'm NOT LIKE A LOSER!!!! FOR GOING HOME!!!! BECAUSE I FELT SICK!!!! Get that through your head, Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er... It's time to write some more!!! YAAAAAAY!!! Not really YAAAAAAY... im so edgy guys!1!11!!!1 Y'know, recently I've used the excuse of something like, "Hey Guys I Dont Know What To Say So Im Going To Say Something Random In Order To Compensate." ...I thought I'd explain more about that point, but I forgot what I was going to say. Anyway, first things first, new LTE found! And, apparently, they actually know that I exist... WEOW! That's a 2-for-1 deal if I do say so myself! It's named... 'The Potato LTE'. Y'know, that's kinda funny. Why? Well, my friend (Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er) is kind of obsessed with potatos. Their profile picture is a potato, their Discord and YouTube usernames have the word 'potato' in them... uh. Actually, that's all the examples I can think of. Maybe they're not so obsessed with potatos. Maybe I'm just ASSUMING!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, enough of that. Their LTE is in the hub, so go check it out! Apparently, they also used the form I put in the hub to submit their LTE and, uh... can I tell you guys a secret? It doesn't matter if you say yes or no, I'm still gonna tell you all. Uh... i havent checked the form in nearly a year. Possibly even a year and a half! Yeah, I know, you're all disappointed in me... and I'm sorry... So I'm gonna make a YouTuber apology video... to attempt to get you all to stop unsubscribing and to keep giving me money... by watching my videos... even though I don't have a YouTube channel... Well, actually, that's a lie. I DO actually have a YouTube channel, but I'm not gonna link it here! I'm not ready to show you all who I TRULY am... as the result is... well, I don't know. Just, no. I'm not gonna do it. I haven't even posted a video in a year or so... so even if I did link it here, it would show how incompetent I am at maintaining a YouTube channel. Maybe I'll post a new video soon... but you all won't get to SEE IT! Anyway, what was I talking about again? Oh, right! New LTE. So, I think they started sometime in early June, according to the earliest date I can find listed in the LTE and... they already have 110k characters. Yeah, I've been LTE-ing for 2 years at this point, and I just passed 110k characters last week or something. I need to step up my game if I wanna compete with this pro!! So, that means posting every single day, with Very Long Paragraphs, probably as long as paragraphs like the TEOTW story. Will I even be able to do that every day? Well, we'll just have to see! I'll probably have to come up with a list of things I want to talk about each day... actually that doesn't sound like a bad idea. Maybe I WILL do that! I dunno. Anyway, as you can probably see, I've changed some small general things about this page, such as the small description at the top of the page, to moving the beta page link to the bottom, with the LTE Hub link taking it's place. Yeah, that's pretty much all of the changes. In between this sentence and the previous one, I went to my next class as the previous one was, well, over. Sooooo, I kiiiiinda forgot what I was talking about. So, I'm gonna talk about something completely unrelated in order to increase the character count! I just realized that I put "November 4rd" as the update date. Yes. I think at this point you can tell I've run out of things to say. Uhh, I think after I finish this entry I might start attempting to put in the notification system. I'm still working on the cookies system though, it's... uh, complicated. Apparently, just using cookies wasn't very efficient on it's own, so NOW I'm using local storage in addtion to cookies. However, I can't seem to get it to work properly. Either the code I stole doesn't work, or I did something wrong... or maybe even both!!! I have no idea. It's complicated, that's all YOU need to know, because I'M the master, and YOU'RE the student. ya!!!!!!!!!!! Well, time to talk about something else completely unrelated. I'm currently in graphic design class right now, there's a sub today, and pretty much nobody's doing their work... including me. I'm hungry. I want food. NOW!!!!! But, I still have 25 minutes left in this class... god... damn... it... I'll probably post this once this class ends, because ya know I gotta get dem characters in, so that I can get clout. And then, my constant need for attention will finally be fufilled... and THEN... my life will serve no purpose, at which point I will combust and collapse onto myself. Then, my matter will be instantly destroyed and I will be no more! Or something... I dunno. I'm just talking about random stuff to increase the character count, now that I have some competition. Well, I've always had some competition, but the Pink-ish Pickle LTE doesn't get updated often, sooooooooooo ya. Either way, let's talk about my Good Friend Harry! that sounds like a tv show... Hey, that's not a bad idea! He DID always wanna make a movie after all. So, if you've read the most recent entry of the Pink-ish Pickle LTE, then you'd know that a good friend of mine, Harry, is starting an LTE! Yeah!!!!!! We finally have led an innocent person into the horrors that is the LTE community! He'll never be normal again! Anyway, by his request, I will not be linking his LTE in the hub yet. I will link it eventually, just when he wants me to. Also, on a completely unrelated note, we snorted cocaine in DnD Club last week!!! Well, not ACTUAL coke, but it might as well be. Basically, Pink-ish Pickle friend brought some powder that basically flavors water, I think it was strawberry flavored. Anyway, from what I recall, I think I made a joke about how it looks like coke, she said I should snort it, and I did exactly that. Not long after, she, Harry, and another friend of hers also snorted the powder. Yeah... i'm such a good role model... So, you may be wondering, "How did it feel?" Well, first when I snorted it, I didn't feel anything. Then, about 10 seconds later, my nostrils started to burn. Thankfully, I had some water with me, so that lessened the pain. I can't say the same for the others though... Actually, I'm pretty sure Harry snorted 2 lines of the powder, while we all did only 1. I have no idea how he's still alive... he didn't even have any water too! Or maybe he did, I can't recall. Well, I would write more, but there's only 2 minutes left of this class, and I said I would post this at the end of my class, so... yeah. Gonna do that. Good bye and day or uhhhh whatever. [ INSERT GREETING HERE ] Uh oh!!! It seems the Greeting System isn't working properly. Well, that's fine, because it was all improv anyway. It is time... to write again. YEAH!!!! So, currently, I'm in my AP Human Geography class, and today we're supposed to "vote". What I mean by "vote" is that our teacher gave us a mock election ballot and we have to vote or something. I don't know. I'm tired. I just want to go home and sleep... Anyway, Pink-ish Pickle LTE updated again, but this time DON'T check it out in the hub. "Why?", you may ask. Well, the most recent entry that was added to the LTE is pure and unreasonable SLANDER towards ME!!! Calling me an "ABSOULUTE NERD." How RUDE!!!!!!!!! And... "YOU ARE A NERD AND A LOSER"? Let me remind you that you also maintain a LTE, so don't act like you're the Best Person In The World. Hell, I didn't even comment on the "tasting this sentence with your eyeballs" sentence because it's just so... Distasteful. So, instead of giving HER money by viewing HER website, don't. Stay on THIS website. Hell, even go onto any OTHER website in the hub if you wish to. Just, don't go on the Pink-ish Pickle LTE. Nobody that sour deserves any form of Cash. Now, let's stop being so negative, ya? Right. Now, if you've got good eyes, then you may have noticed that the Archives link has been removed at the top of the page. No, this wasn't a mistake. I just believe that having the link there is kinda... useless, considering it doesn't get updated anymore. So, I replaced it with a link to the beta page, which in it's own is kinda useless as well, but less useless. :) If you want to view the archives, then just click here. Keep in mind though, they Do Not get updated anymore, so any recent entries will not be there. Hmm... what to talk about now. Guess I'll talk about the Neocities logo I added below the countdown. Yeah, it's just some Good Ol' Neocities Appreciation. For, y'know, hosting my site. AND!!! You can click on it too, to go to Neocities, duh!!!!! Getteth with thy programmé, fiend! Ah... using "é" at the end of every word to sound sophisticated and smart. Always works! "With what?", you might ask. Well!!! ...i dunno. Something, probably. Anyway, I'm planning to add a script that changes the look of the Neocities logo whenever dark mode is enabled. Basically, just a black and white version of the regular logo, with black being the majority and white being the minority. Sounds confusing, I know, but it'll make sense when I actually implement it. I would do it right now, but for some reason whenever I put the image into Photopea, it compresses the Hell out of it, so I'll probably have to do it at home, on my computer, with a very legal and legitimate copy of Adobe Photoshop 2022. Yeah... I'm one of THOSE people. I also use a specific streaming website to watch movies and TV shows too, without paying! Actually, that's a good idea to talk about! Alright, so, you guys remember my Good Friend Harry, right? Y'know, the nerd that's also making a LTE and did coke with us in DnD club? Yeah, him. He suggested me a show to watch a month or two ago. Well, not really suggested, because the show is pretty much everything he talks about and makes references to... Anyway, it's called 'The Boys', and surprisingly, it's actually really good! I thought he was obsessed with it for no reason, or at the very least a stupid reason, but now I see why. However, it doesn't beat Breaking Bad. But, to be honest, nothing really beats Breaking Bad... that show is just pure cinema. I have still yet to watch the entirety of Better Call Saul though, but I'll get to it one day...! Probably when I'm really bored and got nothing to do, during the summer maybe? Anyway, I'm wondering when The Boys season 4 is coming out. Harry says probably in a year or two, which isn't that bad of a guess, considering the release dates of the other seasons. Also, just for the record, an entire day has passed in the making of this sentence so... I actually have some things to talk about now! I'm currently in that boring class where we have to make projects. If you've read the previous entries, then you'd know what I'm talking about. Anyway, we also have a showcase today! Oh, you guys probably don't know what that is... Well, in the elementary school I went to, the equivalent of a showcase was called an 'assembly' I believe. I don't know if I spelt that right... time to look it up on google... and I DID spell it correctly! I still doubt myself though. I doubt myself on a lot of things though, so it's not a very obscure feeling. ANYWAY, BACK ON TRACK. Basically, a showcase is when the entire school gathers together to either view things the students have made, because I go to an art school, or things like important announcements. Todays showcase is about a show the Theatre Kids(tm) have created. I can't remember what it's about though, something about a mattress... I'll get back to you when we actually go to the showcase. We also had a showcase yesterday, instead of it being about a show, it was about Veterans Day, because I live in the USA. YEA!!!!!! AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT ONE BIRD THAT WE USE AS A MASCOT FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, I'll stop spamming the exclamation points now... i still want this LTE to be considered a 'True LTE'. Hey, that reminds me, I still need to make that LTE Rules page that I promised to make over a year ago! Eh, I'll do it later... like all the homework ive been procrastinating over these past few months. Hahahaha... ha... yeah. I'm a very sad person... not REALLY! I have no idea what's happening to me right now. My brain is proceeding to fry itself at this current moment. WEOW! Alright, I'm going to the showcase now, I'll let you guys know how it went once I return. Bye Bye for Now!!!!! Alright, I got back from the showcase around 20 minutes ago and now I'm in my graphic design class. So, the showcase was about a show called 'Once Upon a Mattress', basically was just that one Princess and the Pea story but... different I guess? I don't really know. It's apparently almost 3 hours long and... uh. Yeah. That's pretty much it. Our school does a fall show every 3 years, and this is that fall show. Not much else to comment on I guess... Anyway, about graphic design. Photoshop is kind of confusing! It also doesn't help that the teacher doesn't want to help us. So... I'm kinda lost here. Y'know, if these computers had installed, then this class would be a lot easier, because I have around 2, maybe 3 years of experience with that program, and I could probably make all my project in that with ease. BUUUT, we're forced to use Photoshop. Soooo, I might just do my project at home today, if I remember that is. Now, on an unrelated note, I'm considering making a rewrite for this website. What I mean is instead this just being an LTE, I might make this site to showcase some other stuff I make. Maybe... I might have to change the site username just for it to make sense, plus, this site being named "longesttextever" might be kind of misleading. Some people might interpret this site as the Official One and Only LongestTextEver, which it isn't... buuuuuut... this name is kinda rare... I dunno, I may or may not change it. IF I do happen to change it, the new URL might be something along the lines of '', or if it's available, ''. I do want the second URL for the rewrite, but it's probably taken. SO, if I do happen to go forward with the rewrite, the URL will probably be the former. Now, on a related note (for once), Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er is ALSO making a rewrite of her site. I don't think it's finished yet, or do I know what she's going to do with it, but it is in progress. So, ya. I would say to go check it out, but y'know, considering what she's said about me, I'm still quite betrayed... NOW, an LTE that you SHOULD go check out is The Potato LTE! It recently got updated, AAAAND they graciously provided the creation date of their LTE, so now the info's up to date and accurate. ALSO, they mentioned ME!!!!!!! Even more of a reason to go Check-It-Out! Also, if you're reading this Knockton, You Are Welcome : ). and also thanks for calling my LTE funny. That Is One Of My Goals, To Provide Humor. I Am An Artificial Intelligence. Not Actually Ha Ha. yeah idk lole. But still, go check it out For Real For Real. Jeez, this entry is getting Quite looong, and I have to go to lunch in about 10 minutes or so. Regarding that information, I may end this entry soon. So ya. Y'know, I have been considering that gallery idea I had a year ago, sometime near the summer break I had. I might put that idea into action if I choose to do the rewrite. However, I could still do it even if I don't do the rewrite. IDK, may or may not do it. What I am considering is changing the font family shown on the main page. Don't get me wrong, Verdana is a perfectly fine font. I just wanna freshen up the site a bit. I might use one of those clean sans-serif fonts, as I've always liked the look of those. Dunno which one I'll pick, however. Also, I should probably change the font of the beta page too. It's currently in Comic Sans... as I was trying to help Harry change the font of his LTE. Sooooo, even more reason to change the font of the main page. I think this is the longest entry I've typed... well it IS called a 'Longest Text Ever' for a reason, am i rite?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?! Hauhauhau, so Funny. I'm dying!!!! (die from hart atack) OUGH im dead!!!! Not really, just very bored, and waiting for this class to end. Well, at least it's not the boring project class, where I have to sit next to someone who clearly doesn't like me, either for my physical appearance or personality... I don't know. But, over the years I've kind of learned to block out what people think about me, but I'm still kind of self-concious... I've been like that for pretty much my entire life, if I recall correctly. However, it didn't really show in elementary school as those kids didn't really care what we looked like, they just wanted someone to play with. Ah... I miss those times. I miss my old friends too. Unfortunately, they all went to a different middle school. One that's... way worse than the one I'm at now. Last time I checked, it had a 2.5 star review on Google Maps, and most of them were from students or parents. Yeah... I wonder how they are now. Hopefully well. I've lost contact with all but one of them. I haven't talked with him in a while though... I'll have to see how he's doing. Anyway, I'm at lunch now, there's currently nobody at my table yet, but there will be soon!! I hope... Well, I think that's all I have for today, make sure go to check out The Potato LTE and DO NOT check out the Pink-ish Pickle LTE, and I am gone for the day. Or maybe not? Who knows... ok bye bye :) I hath returne! Yeah!!!! What up. Sorry for not adding a new entry for Quite a While. I've just been focused on adding new features and, y'know, doing school stuffs. Screw you school stuffs!! So ya. I dunno. yes. WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT!!!!! 2?? Well, I guess I'll just get to the point. I'm not going to make this entry very long, or I'll try not to... I'll be saving that for another entry, that I started about a week ago and then lost the text for it. So, uhhhhhh. YEAH. Gonna have to re-do that. Good thing I didn't type very much on it... but still. Rest in piss, never miss... Ya. Anyway, I guess I'll talk about what I've been adding. So, I've added a character counter that isn't just a p tag on the page that I have to manually edit. No... it's an ACTUAL counter!!! I'll run you through the works. So, it gets two elements on this page, which are the character counter p tag at the top of the page and a div that has the entirety of the LTE inside it. Basically, it counts the length of all the text inside the div using innerText.length (im so glad that exists or else this would be quite hard for a javascript beginner like me) and outputs the result into that p tag AND it also adds some text after that outputted number, which is just "characters." HOWEVER!!!!! For some reason, everytime a p tag with at least 1 character inside it is created in the div, it adds 2 "ghost" characters to the counter. I have absolutely no idea WHY this happens, nor do I know how to directly fix it, BUT I came up with a rudimentary solution. Basically, I just subtract the number of current entries in the LTE, multiplied by 2, by the number of total characters. As of this entry, I'm subtracting 146 from the counter. I am looking into a way to automate this, but it will probably take a while to either find a code snippet to steal or code myself. So, that's pretty much what it does, and it's literally 3 lines of code. WEOW!! My class is going to end soon. GOOD!!!! It's that boring class again... and then next class I have Graphic Design. Still kind of boring, but way less boring. Definitely way less boring. OH!! Also, I've decided to put all of the scripts I've stealed/coded into one, so that it possibly loads faster, even though that doesn't really matter... BUT STILL!!! I guess it's nice to have all of the scripts in one place rather than in seperate files. Only 5 minutes left! Also-also, I've put the dark mode script onto some other pages as well, which only consist of the LTE Hub and the archives index page. Ya. If I make any more pages (that'll be open to the public), then I'll make sure to add dark mode to them as well. Unless if I don't want to. Lol. Uhh, yea I can't think o anything else ta say. So, I'm ending this RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! by. Hi. Hello. Hey. Yes. Time for more writing!!!! Yea. Yo. Yo. Uhuh. Yea, I dunno what I'm doing rn xd xd. But yeah, I'm writing some more, so that I can catch up with thy Potato Long Text Ever (link in hub). Speaking of the potato LTE... it recently got updated! It technically got updated today, which added a hit counter, but the most recent entry was added yesterday. Regardless, go check it out. ALSO, If You Are Reading This [ Knockton ], then In response to your thoughts about the Recently Added Character Counter(tm), no I DIDN'T copy you... im not a COPY-er!!!! Never have, never will. ...okay so MAYBE I Was a little inspired, BUT!!!! It's not exaaactly copied, so I think Fair Use comes into play here. ya. Pink-ish Pickle LTE hasn't been updated in about a week... if you are reading this Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er... UPDATE YA LTE!!!!! I can't believe I have to say this to ya, considering YOU were the one telling everyone to update their LTEs a year ago... but HERE WE ARE! Hmm. It appears I only have 5 minutes left in my current class (graphic design btw). 4 minutes now... and now I am currently at lunch, eating... well, my lunch. Obviously!!!! yeah, I just chugged an entire can of 'AriZona Southern Style Real Brewed Sweet Tea'. "To be or not to be, that is the question." Those are the exact words my Good Friend Harry has spoked to I. Yeah, really basic. Just like his whole Personality!!!!! Oh!!!!!!! Roasted!!!!!!!!! I think this is the point that you can tell I've already run out of things to talk about. Yes, only this far in to this entry... and I'm already running short on topics!!! Hold on, let me think... Status report on the potato LTE, a new entry was added just 20 minutes ago as of writing this! So, even more reason to go check it. Out. I forgot to put the out in the first sentence. Actually, I didn't forget. I DID IT ON PURPOSE!! Becaause, both Knockton and Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er both said that I need FLAVOR!!!! in my LTE!!!!! or wait, is it flavour? Eh, same thing, forgetaboutit. or is it forget-about-it? OR IS IT FORGET ABOUT IT????? is it Potayto or Potahto???? Tomayto Tomahto??????? This is TOO CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!! Maybe this is why I'm failing english class... fjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjf. I don't know what a 'fjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjfjf' is, but it sure is somethin'! Okay... i've talked about LTEs updating, random nonsense, what else? Huh, my lunch is close to ending. Well, that went by fast, am i rite?!??!?!?! Wait, I already did the 'am i rite' joke... that means I can't use it anymore! Or else it's not funny! Oh noEEOOEOE!!!! This is So Sad Guys, Can We Get 1 likes. on the fortnite chungus video. Please. I need my upvotes. My karma.... i dont even have a reddit account!!!! But, I have something worse... a discord account!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!! Wait. It's not October anymore. That means being scared is illegal! Ou Nou! This is So Sad Guys... wait i already did that joke. Insert I can't use it anymore! Phrase Here. Yeah, I'm not typing all o that again, even though it would increase my character count. Alright, in the process of making this sentence, I have moved from the cafeteria INTO another class. Ya. Uhhh, I have no idea what this class is though. Actually, I do have an idea. I know exactly what it is. But I'M NOT TELLING YOU!!!! Because... it might compromise what school I go to. And therefore, where I live. Because I live inside the school. Hell, I AM THE SCHOOL!!!!!! Just kidding, april foooooools!!!! ...oh, it's not April? Well, screw you! It's april... for ME. and ME only. Y'know, I just thought of something. How long would the paper be if you printed this entire webpage onto a single piece of paper? I might try that sometime... if only I had a printer. My parents... well, parent as of recent, was thinking of getting a printer, but that was a few years ago, so she's probably changed her mind. Anyway, enough of that sad talk. Uhhh, I guess I'll talk about some things I'm thinking of adding to the site, since two specific people have stated I need flavor in my LTE. First things first, the gallery idea. I've talked about this for a while, but I haven't really tried an effort to actually get it implemented. I have a few ideas in my mind, but I've written none of them down. I think I might do a scrapbook style for the webpage, with photos and/or screenshots of things I've either illustrated OR actual photos. If I will put actual photos into the gallery, then I'll make sure to censor any faces in the photos, as they probably don't want their faces on a random website. Yes, this includes MY face. I'm still not ready to show the world... the person I am....... oh no im becoming edgy again. I need to take my Totally Real Medication that Isn't just Pain Killers!!!! oh wait these aren't pain killers they're Weed Pills. I wonder if those exist... pills with the effect of weed. Sounds interesting, I bet my mom will like em!!!! That sentence doesn't imply anything about my mother. I have to say this. Help. hmm still thinking of things to write about... hmmm i need to increase my character count... hmmm i think this is against the rules of making an lte... hmmm that reminds me i still need to make that lte rules page... hmm i think ill do it later... and by later i mean NEVER!!!!! It's NEVER COMING OUT!!!!!!! I baited all of you. ALL OF YOU!!! hahaha. But, my friends. that was merely a JEST!!! A 'joke', if you will. Someone in my class said, "Where the heck is Wyoming?" Uhhhh, i think it's right by Idaho but ummmmmm im not sure. I must consult, the map, the myth, the legend... GOOGLE MAPS!! uhhh hold on its loading. . . . . . .. . . .. . . .. .. . .. . .. .. .. ........ oh screw this i'm just gonna copy and paste from wikipedia. "Wyoming is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States. It is bordered by Montana to the north and northwest, South Dakota and Nebraska to the east, Idaho to the west, Utah to the southwest, and Colorado to the south." Thanks Wikipedia, here's my source. Yeah! I was right! It is right by Idaho! Actually, it's left by Idaho. xd. Alright, my class is nearing an end. Only 2 more minutes!! and then I will be home free. Actually, that's a lie!!!!! I won't be home free. I still have 2 more classes!!! Oh, 1 minute left now. AAaaaand, there we go. Well, I'm currently in my 3rd class of the day, and I have an assignment to do, so I'll pause right here to uhhh hopefully do that. Hello! I'm now in my 4th class of the day. I did only 1 part of my work in my last class, so uh, good enough? Yeah, I should probably work some more on it. Buuuuut, i don't want tooooooo. STATUS UPDATE 2! Pink-ish Pickle LTE got updated, and I think I'm finally over the betrayal now, so DO check it out this time instead of not checking it out this time. I just read it and... oh. uhhhhhh yeah. Um. Well. That was... interesting. Yeah. Hm. WELLL i dont care so LOL XDDXDXDDDDXDXD Um. I gotta get more characters in... RIGHT, back to what I was saying. I'm in study hall rn, supposed to be studying but i'm not, instead i'm writing to This Thing. Ya!!!!! OH WAIT, I Know What To Write About Now. So, this afternoon, I checked my total views on my LTE aaaaaand... I've reached 10,000 views!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I'M BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ive finally accomplished something notable in my life... Oh wait, here's the screenshot I took, so that you can't prove I'm lying. Uhhh, sorry, I took a 20 minute break from writing. I've just been looking on the MDN Web Docs... why? Well, I honestly don't know, I guess I got distracted. I gotta say, I do like this a lot more than W3Schools. AND, the fact that the website has dark mode is a lot more... what's the word, relaxing? on my eyes. I'm tired... not very tired, but still tired... I could probably take a nap right now, but, y'know, I'm still in school. Speaking of school, I only have 15 minutes left until I go to DND club. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeasadadadasadqwfwweffasdf. What? Sorry, I couldn't hear you. ehuehuheuhuhfhefuhefhnef! Oh no, I think those weed pills are finally getting to me...1..1...ONE?!?!? WHAT DOES one HAVE TO DO WITH THIS?!??!?! uuuuuugh. I think you can tell I've run out of things... to... wait. I already said this. So that means I can't say it again. 'Why?', you may ask. WEEEELLL, back in my day... uh. damn, I cam't remember. also, "cam't". ha. that's funny. real funny. Yes. Well, there's only 3 minutes left of the day, and then I'll head to club. Uhh, I may or may not work on this in DND club so uhhhhh yeah. So turns out I did not work on this in DND club and today is now the next day! Thursday! And then Friday! And then No School! And then School Again! It's a never-ending cycle. I haven't been able to work on this a whole lot today, guess I've just been getting distracted. Actually, would it be... yeah I forgot what I was going to say AS nearly 4 days have passed. Yeah!!! It's Monday now, and we only have 2 days of school this week, which is good! However, I have a lot of homework I need to catch up on, so... not very good for me I guess. Hhhhhhhhhhh, i need to get more Character. I require Character. Character are my Substance. Yed. Not? Yed? Not? What are you talking about? Your name is $, and you live at 4444 Street, New Drive. I find it weird that British people say Z and Math as 'zed' and 'maths'. They aren't normal!!!!! Just to clarify, that's a joke, because apparently people don't like jokes on the internet anymore, So I have to Clarify. Or at the very leaste, that genre of humor. But hey, humor is subjective, so if they don't like those jokes, I can't really blame them. Or, I could, but that would be... unconventional. ough I should really be doing my schoolwork, but I don't want to. But, I really should, or else I'll die. FYI, I'm barely maintaining a 2.0 GPA, which I need in order to keep my... uh how do I spell it again? Hold on, google... uh nvm, I don't feel like looking it up rn. It's that one thing that can pay for your college fees or whatnot. Yeah! That! That one specific thing! That I don't know how to spell! I don't know how I'm even in high school! Seriously... I was born on a very weird date and my parents decided to put me into school basically a year before I was supposed to go in. So... I'm struggling a lot more than my classmates due to my brain not being developed... or whatever. I don't know! I think I'm just making up excuses for being dumb... But that's all I know how to do! I wish I could just... be good at everything. Yeah!!! And you can accomplish just that with the Brain Transplant!! Only for $47,000 per month, you can own and use a new brain that's guarenteed to be smarter, better, and more efficient than your current one! Genetically engineered in our own labs, we can assure you that our brains are the best ones in the world! No need for expensive American Healthcare, or cheap European Healthcare... with our brains! Shop smart. At PetSmart! or is it petsmart? Petsmart? I don't know, they don't pay me enough for this. -_-_-_-_- Wow! It's a chain of -_- faces! That's cool. I've been working on my schoolwork every few lines I've written here, mostly because the teacher is right next to me, talking to one of my classmates. So, I gotta be careful, or else my secret will be revealed... and I'll be lectured!!! For not doing my work!!! When I should be!!! Can you imagine that?!?! Being lectured... not doing something you're supposed to be doing. Insane! This is so... BAD. I hate it!!! Ya im writing, ya. I might post this entry today, or I might wait until tomorrow. Or I might not post it at all. WhO KnOwS!?!?!?!? We have a dance class at our school. I hate it so much. But not the teacher, the teacher is fine, nice too. But the CLASS Itself... nah. And you wanna know the worst part? No? well, SCREW YOU!!! I'm telling you anyway. It's a REQUIRED CLASS we have to take in order to GRADUATE!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID THEY DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY CAN'T THEY JUST HAVE NORMAL PE REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO MUCH MORE FUN THAN DANCE!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE THERE'S MOST LIKELY PEOPLE IN THAT CLASS THAT LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT'S A CLASS THAT I ACTUALLY ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling I've talked about this before, but whatever. I need more Character anyway. And by Character, i mean Character(s). Character(s(s)). I accidentally pressed Enter... Why I am telling you this? YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!!!!!! Actually, you probably do, cause I need Character, ya. Ya bruv. I've realized that the -_- chain kinda looks like MIDI. Kinda. Not exactly, but just 'kinda'. I discovered the very useful program named 'yt-dlp' last night. It's quite useful, very useful I'll say. I would've used the regular youtube-dl, but it seems to be broken. Not broken in the traditional sense, but just outdated, as downloads seem really slow, due to un-patched throttling YT implemented I assume. yt-dlp fixes that however, and is frequently updated. Am I shilling yt-dlp now? It sounds like I am... that's how useful it is. Now I can listen to all of the cool musics locally, instead of using Chrome and having it steal all of my RAM!!! Also, just useful to have the cool musics stored offline, in times that I don't have access to internet. However, they're only on my computer, so I should probably transfer them over to my phone too. I wonder if yt-dlp works on Soundcloud... I'll have to check, so I don't have to keep using with billions of pop-up ads. Oh, right, I have uBlock Origin, so that isn't much of a problem... Well, except for my school computer. The only adblock we have is Adblock Plus. Yeah, not my first choice... but I guess it gets the job done. Actually, I think it was the first adblock I chose when I got my first computer. Ah, how the times have changed. At least I don't use an adblock that requires a subscription to work, unlike one of my friends (It's not pink-ish pickle LTE-er or good friend harry fyi). It's funny, all of these useful programs I've found were mostly on this piracy subreddit. No, don't worry, I don't use Reddit on a daily basis... I still have SOME self respect. I'm ALSO not gonna link the subreddit, cause y'know, I don't want to risk this website being taken down. But, if you know how to use Google, you can probably find it. I honestly don't feel like doing any work at all... kind of including this. I feel... unmotivated I guess? I dunno. It's a specific feeling. A something feeling. A feeling of something specific. And that feeling is specifically something. Classmates are talking about STDs or something. I don't really pay much attention, it's rude to listen uninvited. I keep checking my email and Discord to see if there's some sort of interaction going on involving me, but alas, no dice. I'm in Graphic Design. Got a project due supposedly tomorrow, when I don't have a class, and a project that's past due. I was planning to work on it at home, with, but as usual I got distracted. I accidentally spilled a half-full cup of coffee on my laptop. I let it sit for around 2 days, seems to be working fine except for the fact that some of the keys are hard to press down. And the keyboard is sticky, but I already cleaned that up. I backed all of my important data up on my 4 TB hard drive I got for my birthday a few months ago. Honestly, I might just move all of my games and shit to that hard drive, just in case. But, it's also good practice to put downloaded games on an external hard drive anyway. Why? I don't know, I just read it online somewhere. Or is it 'red'? No, that sounds dumb. Read, but pronouced differently, with a different purpose. I need to do schoolwork, but I can't stop writing. Can't stop, won't stop. Unless I have to. In such situation, I am to terminate all online access immediately. Or something. This sounds edgy... I've been typing with less ellipses since a few minutes ago. Found out what the three dots are called, which is the strange looking word I used in the last sentence, just plural. Non-plural version is 'ellipsis', if you wanted to know. Now you can use that in your essay or whatever! Got 13 minutes left of this class, then I get to see my friends at lunch. Supposedly, I know at least 1 of them is here, don't know about the other 3. I think I took a typing class in elementary school. I don't remember much of it, nor do I utlilize what I learned from that class. That being said, I think I'm a relatively fast typer, counting some mistakes of course. I think I'm good at typing words I'm looking at from an external source without looking at my computer class. I type like that a lot in my AP Human Geo class. I type quite loud too. I wonder if the people next to me get annoyed when I do that. There's this one person at my table that keeps giving me weird looks. Not because I'm typing loudly, I don't think. Because of another reason. I have an idea, but I would be making baseless claims at that point, and I don't want to spread rumors. Not like anyone in my school reads this anyway, except for my friends of course. Someone is watching Cocomelon on the school computer... I had to look up if someone's had an apostrophe, which it does, but it didn't make sense for the sentence, so I just used 'someone is' instead. Checked my phone again, only a YouTube notification. Apparently Markiplier is livestreaming Getting Over It again. Class is ending it 3 minutes, so I'll continue this at lunch probably. Hey, I'm back, turns out Good Friend Harry wasn't here, he's in Arizona rn. Everyone else was here tho so that's good. Also, I didn't continue this at lunch, as I'm in my 3rd class of the day now. Anyway, in this class we're supposed to do 'peer reviews' for our essays we're writing. However, Good Friend Harry isn't here and the other person at my table is... sleeping I think. I know I really should get some work done for this, but I don't want to be rude and wake them up for something they probably don't want to do either. Plus, they're literally the only other person at our table and we need to get 3 peers to review our essay sooooo... Also, I forgot to write this too but Potato LTE got updated again. Well, more so a few days ago, but still got updated. Go check it out, link in LTE hub. I think Pink-ish Pickle LTE got updated too, so go check that out as well, link is... well you probably know where it is by now so I'm not going to bother saying it again. ...okay fine, link in LTE hub. There, I said it!!! Now, stop bothering me... Honestly, it's kind of easier to just type normally instead with all of the wacky exclamation points and ellipses. Maybe I should try this more often. Well, the person in front of me just closed their computer and sighed, putting their head down. I would ask what's wrong, but I have a feeling they don't like me very much, as is tradition, so I won't ask. Maybe I should stop listing their every move onto this page... lol. Well, we only have around 20 minutes left in this class, I actually managed to do some classwork before I started writing to this again. I didn't finish it though, but I'm planning to do that in study hall, which is my class after this. Then, I'll go home, probably do some very overdue homework, and then go to school tomorrow. We do have DND club tomorrow, but I'm not going to go, as I just want to go home and relax for the entire break. However, I still have to do that one project for that project class. Y'know, the boring class. I wonder if I do something to prevent all of my procrastination. Well, only 15 minutes left now. I think the person in front of me is staring... right into my soul. Not sure, too busy typing, lol. Our teacher is talking to some students. I hope she doesn't come over here and ask how the "peer review" is going. Honestly, I don't think I'll do it. I mean, it's only 4 points, and it's not like it's a big assignment either. Something I do need to finish though is my essay outline. However, I think that'll be pretty easy. I mean, it basically walks you through on what to do and how to do it. If I were just a little more motivated, then I'd probably have it done by now. But no, I'm sitting here, typing to this console. Not that I don't like writing to this, it's a fun hobby, just listing all of my thoughts onto this small website. However, it just seems like whenever I decide to make an entry on this, it seems like I could be doing something much more productive, which a lot of the time is the case as I usually update this during the school day. Jeez, this entry is getting long. I think it's the longest I've ever wrote. I'm breaking records, ma! Well, probably not a national record, or what was it called... nvm, don't feel like looking it up. Anyway, the Potato LTE is getting scarily close to beating the Flaming Chicken LTE in character count, and soon Hermnerp's LTE. Honestly, I've slowly started caring less about being the top LTE in character count. I mean, yeah, it'll be quite Cool to be the definitive 'Longest Text Ever', but it's not really my main goal anymore. What is my main goal then? Well, I don't really know. I guess it's to just... uh... write? Yeah, I don't know, maybe I worded that wrong or something. I'm going to check the character count for this entry after I finish writing this sentence, which'll be right now. That was close, the teacher almost talked to us about our peer reviews... Luckily she didn't, I wasn't ready to lie... uh, maybe I shouldn't be talking about this on this public website. Anyway, I checked the character count, and at the time of finishing that sentence, it was at about 21,000 characters, minus some for i and b tags in the text. Anyway, I'll probably post this at the end of the day, when this class ends. Well, I'm going to research (aka steal code) on how to replace an image when a specific class is applied to the page. Yes, this is about the Neocities logo and dark mode. Alright, I believe I've found the correct code for it, now I just have to actually make the dark mode version of the logo, which I can't do at the moment. I'll probably bookmark the pages or something. Also, just an update, I'm now in my last class of the day. Well, I was when I typed the 'post this at the end of the day' sentence, but just in case. Plus, I need more Character. I love Character. It's my favorite Flavor. Oh, no, I'm starting to become less serious and more like my old self... OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem, sorry about that. Hopefully that doesn't happen again, but no guarentees. However, to improve on our consumer's safety, we strongly recommend to stay behind the striped line at all times. Or else. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHhAH!!!!!!! Again, sorry. Well, now I can't think of anything else to talk about... Even though we have an early release today, the day still feels long as hell. However, that's probably because we only have a few classes today instead of all of them as we usually do. Alright, so apparently I got relaly distracted and I didn't write anything for nearly 20 minutes. Now, there's only 9 minutes left of the day until we go home. Well, I don't think there's anything else I wanna say, or really anything I can say to fit within that time, so I'm ending this entry here. Hmm, maybe I'll try to go for 30,000 characters next time... we'll just have to see. ;) hahaha foolish Pink Pickle LTE er. U thout you cold fool ME?!??!?!?!?!?!?! Wrong... Wrong!!! WrONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahem Ya, I'll prob work on a new entry next week caus I don't feel like doing it over break Plus Homework So Lol. kk by by uhi I'm currently in the process in archiving all of the inactive LTEs in the hub, because I said in the description of the WhileTrue LTE that I should probably archive them all. And, with the recent death of Kenneth Iman's LTE, I think now would be a pretty good time if any else of them decided to flatline as well. Speaking of the WhileTrue LTE... I actually just checked the page a few minutes ago to archive it (the one with the conlang or whatever it's called) and apparently, the original got restored! Yeah, I'd thought I would need to go onto to get it back, but I guess they finally decided to put it back up on the original page. Still, I archived it just in case, but it's nice that WhileTrue restored it. Anyway, the LTEs I have archived are BusterDdog, Hermnerp, Flaming Chicken, WhileTrue, Iseycupcake, and Textra's. The remaining are either dead links or blocked by my schools proxy, so I'll have to do them at home, along with the mountain of homework I've been procrastinating, haha. Also, potato LTE got updated a few times over the break + weekend and updated today, so like I always say, go check it out. Also, they seem to be Stealing my archives idea. How dare you!!!!! Just kidding... it's fine you can totally steal my original idea i'm not angry or anything :)))))))! Well, that's all I'm going to write today, cause I only got about 5 minutes left in my class, and then I gotta do an entire project that's due tomorrow at home. Also, I just figured out that I shouldn't use the center tag as that was deprecated in HTML 4, so now I gotta do some wacky CSS stuff to update that. Also also, I'll be working on my weekly LongAssEntry(tm), so I probably won't update until the end of the week or something. Or not. Who knows... ok Bye! Well, this is the weekly LongAssEntry(tm) that I'm writing now. I'm saying this because I have no idea how to start this. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm, what to talk about... ah I know. So, I've archived all of the inactive sites on the LTE hub onto this here website. Yeah, I was originally going to just archive them on and put the links onto the hub, but that would be quite Boring, plus Internet Archive is blocked on my school proxy, which means it's probably blocked on other proxies as well. So, that would be kinda counter-productive. Instead of taking the boring route, I decided to copy the HTML code from each individual website and put it onto here. So, y'know, it would probably be more permanent here rather than it being on What do I mean by this? Uhhh, yeah I honestly don't know. I'm just writing whatever comes to my head without any second thought. Also, I'm tired. Very tired. And I want to go home. Very home. So I need to go to... my shed... house. That was a reference! Please subscribe and rate 5 stars if the joke was funny :)... what am I saying? Yeah, this is what happens when you get only 3 hours of sleep. Good thing my mom makes me coffee every morning! Yeah, I don't make the coffee, she does. Ha. Haha. I should probably learn how to make it myself though, just in case. I mean, I know how to cook a frozen pizza in the oven! Is that good enough? I don't know, me, is that good enough? Oh no, now I'm talking to myself again. Now I gotta go to the doctor... and have them replace my brain... again... Sigh. Sigh sigh. Sigh sigh Sigh? Sigh. I dunno what im saying Lol Xd. Again, what happens when you get 3 hours of sleep. Hashtag relatable!!!! IS it relatable or relateable? Are you able to relate? Are you relate to able? I don't relate to able, because I'm DisAbled. ahem. I'm getting off track. Uhh, I'll probably put the link to all of the archived LTEs in the hub somewhere, so check it after this entry is posted, which will be in like a week. Anyway, now onto something slightly related but not fully, I also made a raw text version of my LTE, which you can probably find at the bottom of the page. I think I'll put the character counter at the bottom too, just to make the top less cluttered. Speaking of character count... apparently the character count on the raw text version is 76 characters more than this formatted version. Why? Well, I honestly have no idea. I think it might have to do with the line breaks that happen when a p tag is finished, or something. You can tell I don't really know because I literally pulled that answer right out my Ass. Not literally, that'd be gross. Plus, how would I even do that? Would I talk with my... actually, y'know what, I'm not going to finish that thought. Now, onto current events regarding real life me. I'm in my AP Human Geography class, and I was supposed to be taking notes the entire time, but I decided that archiving the remaining LTEs was more important. At least I can still access the slideshow to take the notes later... My legs hurt from all this sitting. But, to be honest, I'd rather have this than having my feet hurt when I walk long distances. Actually, there's a small story regarding that. But, I think I'll tell it later because my stomach is starting to hurt from little to no food intake in recent hours. So, I shall dine on my carefully crafted lunch. In about 12 minutes. Yeah, it's not lunch yet, but i wish it was. Alright, I've eaten lunch now and I am fine I guess? I don't know? I'm just gonna end every sentence with a question mark? Yeah? Okay, this is epic? But also getting kinda old? I'm going to stop now? Just one more sentence though? Yeah, enough of that. Hold on, I'm thinking... of what to talk about. I seem to always have this same problem with my more longer entries... I'm asking my Good Friend Harry for a quote to say for this entry, hold on. Alright, nevermind, he can't think of a quote. Gosh dang it!!!!! I can't thimk of anuthing to say.! Yeah, I think I'll add onto this tomorrow, as the rest of my classes don't require me to use my laptop. So, uh, see you guys tomrow! Alright, I'm back, and it's now the Next Day. Wow! Time passed! So amazing! Anyway, I'm in that one boring project class, which isn't that boring anymore since we're doing presentations on our projects... and my project isn't done at all. Hell, it's barely started. Good thing I present next Friday though, so I still have some time before I show the people my Very Good Project Thumbs Up :). A person just asked me to swap places with our presentation dates, said that their project broke (i think it was some sort of pottery) and was presenting on Monday, however they can't put their project in that... uh... giant oven thing people put their clay pottery in, until Monday. I told them that I wasn't done with my project at all cause, well, I'm not. I do feel bad for them though, hope they swap with someone. Maybe if I wasn't such a SLACKER then maybe I'd be able to do that person the favor, but unfortunately, that's just not the world we live in... Y'know, I just thought of a really good idea for a project, and now I'm suddenly motivated to Do said project. However, it's too late to change my topic for this current project now, but maybe the next one I could do it. However, I'm pretty sure it's a group project, so, unless it's with people I know, it probably won't happen... Either way, I'll explain what I have in mind. So, there's this web series on YouTube, created in 2017 or so and ended I think a year later? I can't remember. Anyway, it's titled "Petscop". It's about this supposedly unfinished PS1 game made in 1997 by the company Garalina. However, this game actually doesn't exist!!! And it has the power to raise the dead!!! It's kind of scary!!! Basically, the real MEAT of the series isn't in the 'colorful' section of the game, but rather the more-so Dull and Scary part, which happens when the main character Paul inputs this code he found on a note attached to the game and exits Even Care, the first and only level of the 'game'. I'm not going to explain the whole story, not that I even know the full story. It's complicated. Very complicated. And I like it. I don't know why, really. It's just... interesting I guess. Here's the channel if you want to watch it. And, if you don't really understand the story, that's fine, I didn't understand nearly anything at all about it when I first found out about it in 2017. So, if you want a little more... what's the word, understanding? Yeah, I guess that'll do. Let me put it into a coherant sentence. So, if you want a little more understanding about the series, I'd recommend you watch this video. It's actually by one of my favorite content creators! His long-form commentary videos are very fun to watch, especially with the editing. If you like that form of content, or like the person who made the video, then I'd recommend you watch his other long-form videos as well. Some good ones are the Cry of Fear video, the one about The Platform, also the one about Fall Guys, and that 7 hour long Utopia video. Another one I'd also suggest is the Far Cry 3 video as well, but the ones mentioned previously are my favorites. I got really off track. I'll stop shilling Pyrocynical now. But still, he makes good content, so go Check It! ANYWAY, back to my project idea regarding Petscop. I'm thinking of making a fake website for it. Let me explain. So, y'know how most popular video games usually have a website regarding things about the game and it's contents, right? Well, I'm planning to do the same for Petscop. Of course, I won't advertise it as being official, because that wouldn't be Cool, but I'll try to make it seem like something that would be official. Actually, something like that was actually planned for Petscop, 'Petscop Discovery Pages', but the creator of the series decided against it because he thought it would ruin the mystery aspect of the series... or something like that. And, honestly, I agree with him. I mean, if something like FNAF released all the lore in just the first 2 or so games, then I don't think there would be any demand for any new games from that point, which is why I think FNAF has survived this long. I believe the same thing goes for Petscop too, so does the creator it seems. Anyway, I'll try to keep that aspect in if I decide to go forward with the project, only mentioning little to possibly none of the Spooky Sections of the series, only about the 'game' portion. I think I could possibly do it too, I'd make the website 90's styled, maybe a little more modern. Also, I'm also thinking of making a fake trailer for the game too. I think editing should be easy, so goes with recording. In fact, I'm not going to use any footage from the game at all if I make the trailer. So, you might wonder, "how ya gonna get footage HUH?" Well, there's actually a playable of recreation of Petscop being developed, titled "Giftscop". Made in Unity, of course. I think I'll use the recording feature in Giftscop, then view and record the recordings in the 'demo' mode. If you have literally no idea what any of this means, go watch the series!!!!!!!!! I'm also thinking of composing an extention to the title screen track of Petscop for the trailer, I'd just need to look for a flp if one exists. And then, with my totally legit and legal copy of FL Studio, I'll do the thing probably. Then I'm also thinking of using Blender to animate this cool section for the end of the video, basically the gift box from the Petscop logo zooming out of the camera, with the letters falling down and doing this tween, like how it does in the title screen. Then, I'll put some traditional game trailer stuff below the logo, and then... Just for a second or two... at the end of the trailer... I'll show the guardian entering the Newmaker Plane!!! Yeah, that's all I have in mind for the trailer. Just imagining it in my head makes me motivated. Uh, hold on, gonna post the entry onto the beta page right now, just to save it. Hey people reading this, the entry isn't finished yet!!! So, uh, wait for the full thing I guess!!! ahem. Now. I'll need to do some research for some 90's-era game websites, if I want to make this Accurate. But not now, because I need to procrastinate. People in my class are talking about... things. Movies, actors. Something along those lines... I just checked the character difference between this page and the main... it's over 10K characters already. WHAT!!!!! It doesn't even seem like I've typed 10K characters... And it's only been 2 days, and I barely had time to write yesterday! I might actually reach that 30K characters goal I said at the end of the previous LongAssEntry(tm) if I keep this up. Quick! I need things to write about! DND! Yeah, DND! Yesterday, we did some DND in DND club, as, well, it's DND club, what do you expect? Anyway Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er recorded a nearly 18 minute video on some Funny Things we did. She edited the video down to 6 minutes and uploaded it to her YouTube channel, which was literally created yesterday, for the sole purpose of uploading that video. I'm not gonna link it here, as I don't want to be doxxed just yet, nor do I think Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er or anyone else in our club wants that either. Also, you can't look it up on YouTube either. It's UNLISTED!!!!! so HA!! Anyway, some highlights of what we did... Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er usually eats the rest of her lunch at club, as do I most of the time. I requested some of the Flavor Powder from her, she gave. I didn't snort it this time though, just put it in my water bottle, like a normal person. Good job past me. Anyway, Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er also had these... other flavor things. I think they're called... "MiO"? I don't know. I've seen them before in the various stores around me, but I haven't tried any. And I didn't try any yesterday either. Good Friend Harry did though. Raw. What do I mean by "raw"? Well, instead of putting it into his water bottle, like a normal person... actually I don't think he even has a water bottle. Getting off track again. So, instead of... yeah i'm not repeating that you can read the last sentence, he instead squirted it into his mouth. Multiple times. So did some other people in our group as well. Also multiple times. I just had lunch with all of my (best) friends at a single table, I am finally complete. YAY!!!!!!! Now, where was I? Oh, right. Uh, actually, I think that's all I wanted to say about DND. Now, here's something I, or rather my friend, found out. Apparently, we all have been spelling smoky the Wrong Way our Entire Lives!!! Let me give some context. So, there we were, eating our lunch, chatting, the usual. I was eating a small bag of Lays Chips, barbeque flavor to be exact. Decided to look on the bag for no apparent reason, and I saw something that caught me kinda off-guard. Above the chip picture on the back of the bag, the word "smoky" was present on the bag. Now, I had thought for my whole life that the correct spelling of smoky was smokey. Now, that isn't entirely false, but I was just using that form the wrong way. Did some more research about a minute ago and 'smokey' is typically used to nouns and/or first names, hence why Smokey the Bear has that form of smoky. However, the other spelling, smoky, is used for what I had been using the other version for my whole life, as an adjective. When one of my friends pointed out the more-so correct spelling, I had felt lied to my entire life. Still do... I just found out something while browsing the CSS reference on MDN web docs. There's a CSS property named "color-scheme". Basically, it's typically used for systems that toggle between light and dark mode. Currently trying it out on the beta page CSS, gonna update it once I'm done writing this sentence. I have returned, and now I'm in my last class of the day. I didn't type much during my last class, as I had some work to do, and I still do. But, as you all probably know, I'm a procrastinator, so I gotta do what I do best. I'm going to experiment with some things, mostly regarding CSS, because I don't feel like typing much right now, so I may continue typing tomorrow. Oh also, before I possibly go, Potato LTE got updated today about an hour ago from the time I'm writing this, so as I always say, go check it out and READ!!!! I'm back, not gonna write much as it's that day that I don't use my laptop in any of my future classes today. Currently at lunch, eating things, talking with people, ya know. As you can probably see, I've improved (imo) the visual look of the website. I was looking at CSS things on MDN web docs and I discovered some things that look quite cool, that being a browser-handled gradient and a backdrop filter. I've added both, including dark mode varients, because I think they look quite nice. However, if people don't like the new look of the website, don't worry!!! I'm planning to add a little settings page you can access using a small gear icon in the top right corner of the backdrop. In there, I'll include a dropdown that can let people toggle between the old and new styles of the page, which I'll probably title 'Classic' and 'Modern'. I'm also planning to make a dropdown for the dark mode style. What I mean by this is how it's set currently, the page has this gradient from white to black, which slowly gets darker as you scroll down the page. Now, I'll also add another style for dark mode, which'll be more similar to the old version of dark mode, which basically just toggles between a basic black or white, while also maintaining the similar modern style the site currently has. Then, I'll also add another style, which is basically just the old dark mode, no need to really explain that. Or maybe there is a need? I don't know, don't care that much. Tired, as usual... And I can't think of anything else to write, either. Currently researching that settings page thing I was talking about, so I guess this'll be all for today. May or may not write tomorrow, probably the former, idk Lol! That sure was quite a while! Sorry for taking a small break from updating, I needed to work on some school work as I was quite behind, and I still am!!! So, that small break is still ongoing, just to let you know. Uhh, yeah I can't think of anything else to write, probably just gonna stop writing here and actually post this onto the main page on Friday. Pink-ish Pickle LTE and Potato LTE updated too, so go check those out. That's all I have to say I guess... lol i lied still no update XD!!!!! But FR, I'll try to update and post this on THIS FRIDAY... if i dont then im dead........ in real life......................... Also im testing something right now so Ha. Alright, last update of the week, then I die! I'll try to make this long. Actually, about 3 classes have passed in the making of this sentence. So, ya!!!!! Alright. Time to speak. Talk. Whatever. It's called. Yuppers! So, this week's been... interesting to say the least. Some things have changed with DND recently. First, Good Friend Harry abandoned all of us and left us with the... other DM (Dungeon Master). I do have to say, this other DM's oneshots are more entertaining than Harry's, but it just doesn't feel the same without him. Now, he has a new group, with new people. He left us... My teacher for my class is playing this sad music while we 'work', so that's why I'm sounding so Sad, if you could even tell. and then we just heard the Google Snake sounds come from her computer and lost getting 1 apple lmao. So, not very sad anymore. Uhhh... oh! Also, if you remember that boring class I talk about sometimes where we do projects or whatever, WEEEEELL! Usually at the end of the semester, we have to present our finished projects. Yeah, sooooo... you know how I said that I'm a procrastinator in one of the recent entries? You can probably see where this is going. Anyway, I had to present today and I told myself last night that I would edit my project (which is a video) during the night before going to bed. However, I actually just fell asleep instead of doing that. So, when I woke up at 7:30 or so, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Did I edit that video last night?" And the answer that I found out was a resounding No. My heart skipped almost 2 beats. So, I literally had to speedrun edit the video in the morning before I had to go to school at 9. 1 and a half hours should be plenty of time, right? Well, not for me!!! I was starting to run late, as I was nearly finished with the video and ready to export it, just had to add another text filter on a video. But... my editor decided to crash as soon as I attempted to add that text filter, because I chose the 'rich' version instead of the 'simple' version! I knew my computer could handle it, but apparently the editor couldn't. So, I thought I was done for, quickly searching online, 'how to recover unsaved shotcut project'. Then, I found something. Something about going into appdata and looking in autosaves, and thank GOD Shotcut autosaves projects. I loaded the autosave, and everything was there that I did before the crash, so that was a relief. Anyway, I added that last text filter, exported it, then went to school. There, I didn't make my presentation slideshow yet, because we were supposed to do that and I was supposed to do that last night before I fell asleep, so I took around 20-30 minutes to do that. Then, I presented it. Presentation went fine, I think. Got some feedback, nobody questioning or saying anything... foul. Overall, I think it went good! Which is good for me, because I get nervous talking in front of a lot of people, especially people I don't know all too well. Then, just did some more school stuff, had a party with 2 of my best friends (Pink-ish Pickle Person and Good Friend Harry) that was really fun. We even did something called 'White Elephant', too! Well, we do it every year, so it's really no surprise. But still, it was really fun now that I'm good friends with both of them now (even though I was good friends with Pink-ish Pickle Person before but Who Care). The thing I got were some... socks. Yeah, not what I really wanted, so I just kept saying, "it would be really inconvenient if someone stole these socks from me", and finally, someone stole them from me!!!!! (it was Pink-ish Pickle Person, who in return wanted me to cry, in which I delivered) So, I got another choice of a gift, and this time I got... a scarf! Now, it wasn't as cool as some other things that were there, but I was fine with it honestly. In fact, I'm wearing it right now! Inside! Where it's warm! My neck is sweating so much! Not really, it's not that warm in here. Anyway, the gifts I put into circulation were some christmas suspenders and a big box of different flavors of hot chocolate. My mom picked out the gifts, by the way, cause by the time we found out I had to bring something for White Elephant, it was literally 8 PM the night before. And my mom was at work still, so she decided to go get something at the store when she was off work. She asked me if I wanted to bring something specific, and I said I didn't care. Good Friend Harry didn't bring a gift, cause he forgot to, like a LOOSER!!!! Anyway, I gave him a bag of Original Ruffles to put into circulation which was originally intended for the pizza party we were having. Unfortunately, our teacher didn't put it in the circle when it was time, it would've been really funny (to us at least). Anyway, then Good Friend Harry and I went to our third class of the day, which we had together. He was talking to some sort of AI on this website he found a few days ago. Here's the link if you wanna check it out, it's interesting but gets old quick IMO. It can be funny at times tho. During DND club on Wednesday, literally half of the club wasn't there, so we did literally whatever. We tried to do a oneshot with all of the remaining club members, which was a pretty big group. Unfortunately, we couldn't get past the first five minutes of doing that, so we just did whatever as I said before. Harry and I talked to some of the bots on the website, I think we mostly talked to this one about Among Us. Yeah, that's right, Among Us is funny again. Dear god, what have I become...!? Anyway, it yielded some funny results to what we said to it. Then, 3 people from our group left to "look at the moon". Pink-ish Pickle Person did this before, most notably in the second installment of DND Funny Moments, a series Pink-ish Pickle Person started soon after we started doing DND stuffs. There's only two episodes at the moment, as I said before, we don't have Harry as a DM anymore, so I have no idea if it's still continuing or not. However, there's some bonus content too. I'd link it, but I dunno if Pink-ish Pickle Person wants me to, plus it has our faces and potentially our real names in it, soooooooooooooooooo... ya probably not gonna link it anyway. Well, I think that's all for IRL stuff. Maybe there's something I'm forgetting, but idk. I mean, this is the last week, or rather the last school day, before we have winter break for 2 weeks, so that's nice I guess. That's really all I have to say on that. I may or may not post this at the end of my school day, which is in just under an hour from now. Oh, also, we (Good Friend Harry and I) got some Skittles for cleaning up tables in our class. Oh, I gotta go, we're watching a showcase rn. Hi, all the new sentences before this one were written before winter break, just to let you know. Also, I forgot to update!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! I'll do it sometime today, for sure tho. Absolutely not gonna back down on my word! Yup! Anyway, I won't write much today (1/3/2023), in fact this sentence will probably be the last one I write for today! Actually, that's not true! Cause that sentence exists! And that one! And that other one too! ...yeah I'll stop with that. But yeah, gonna probably stop here, will push this beta page to main probably tomorrow, but don't count on it. However, I shall try..! Alright, bye... hi I broke the entire script for dark mode AND site style. Lol! uhhh ill try to fix it, that's why I haven't pushed this to main page yet, because there was an annoying bug that caused switching site styles to not function properly when using dark mode. But now, i've just completely broke it!!! Also, it's probably unoptimized as all hell, cause it's just a bunch of if else statements as I DON'T KNOW JAVASCRIPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh.. i'll probably just revert the script to an older version before i rewrote most of the dark mode and site style code and Broke it. so ya. I might just push this to main with the bug I mentioned earlier, as it's not really that much of a deal. It's better than the entire thing being broken, at least. Anyway, that's all I'll write today I guess... Finally, after all these years... i'm starting a new entry. Sure has been a while since that happened, huh? Yeah, I just kept forgetting to actually update that the previous entry basically never ended. Uhh... wow I'm gonna say something I always say...! I don't know what to write. There, I said it! I said the thing!!! Well, the reason why I'm even writing this entry in the first place is basically just to kill time until class is over, and then I get to go to lunch with all my friends! Yesterday, one of my friends brought this game called 'Exploding Kittens'. I've heard of it before, but I haven't actually played it, since I pretty much had no friends (in school anyway) before early 2022 I believe. Well, Pink-ish Pickle person was my only friend before that, so that statement isn't exactly true... But still. Most people I interacted with were merely classmates and we didn't really talk anywhere outside of class, and even when we did talk in class it was primarily for classwork rather than for conversating. Anyway, I'm getting off topic talking about myself. Shut up, me! Anyway, back to the game. From what I remember, we all get 7 cards plus one more. That one card is a 'defuse' card. I'll explain what that does in a little bit. But, to progress in the game, you need to either use one of your existing cards against one of the players OR draw a card, which ends your turn. All cards require you to have 2 of them in your deck. There's two basic types of cards however. I don't know the official names, so I'll just call them whatever I think they're called. One type is the 'cat card'. When you have two of those, you need to play both of them, which allows you to take 1 random card from a player of your choosing. The other type is the 'action card'. When you have two of those, you can play one of them and execute whatever action the card states. Now, you may be wondering where the 'defuse' card comes into all of this. Well, there's actually a third card type, which only consists of one unique card, but a lot exist in the drawing deck. Those cards are called 'exploding kittens', as the name of the game suggests. If you draw one of those, you need to show it immediately to all other players in the game, and play a defuse card. If you don't have one, then you're DEAD!!!! you DIE!!!!!!!!! Okay, not really, but kinda really. If you draw one of those and you don't have a defuse card, you're eliminated. However, if you do play a defuse card, you live, but at the cost of using up your defuse card. So, you'll either need to draw one from the drawing deck or steal one from another player. Actually, I'm not sure if the defuse cards are present in the drawing deck. So, you might just need to steal one in that case. It's pretty fun, that is if there's more than 2 people playing in my opinion. I think he's brought the game today actually, so we might play it again at lunch. Or maybe not, I don't know. I've noticed that I've been recently inserting a lot of un-needed commas in my sentences. In fact, in the two previous sentences before the "I've noticed" sentence, I've removed two un-needed commas. Wow! Good job me! But also shut up me! I don't know. Uhh, I think either yesterday or last week I suggested Pink-ish Pickle Person to update her LTE, but I can't remember what she said. I have a... questionable memory. It seems that things I'm supposed to remember I tend to forget more often, and just literal random shit I think throughout the day I tend to remember. It's strange. I guess that's what I get for not getting my needed vitamins when I was younger. Screw you, younger me! You've ruined my life, and my grades! Oh, there's only 2 minutes left of class. Well, I probably won't write more today, as my classes don't require my chromebook, so I guess that's all for today. Bye-o. Bingo? No, Bye-o! Alright, I've decided I won't really do those long entries anymore (or at least for a while), as they're a pain in the ass to read in my opinion and usually make me forget to actually update the main page. So, I guess I'll transition to doing these short-to-medium length entries like I used to do. Well, I was working on trying to fix the bug with the site style and dark mode options, but I've since then decided to attempt to rewrite all of that part of the script using local storage instead. From what I've read, local storage is much more adequate for this type of thing than cookies are, as data in local storage is managed and read primarily by the browser and not the server. Plus, I think they're more efficient or something. Anyway, yeah, I'm trying to do that, but I keep getting stupid little errors so I'm taking a break from that cause my brain hurts too much! Yay!! Plus, it's really warm in this class I'm in, so that's also contributing to my headache! Hunger, also! And possibly dehydration, too! I'm in graphic design class right now, and I did absolutely nothing productive other than try to work on my website. I have around 14 minutes left, and then I can go to lunch and hopefully get rid of this headache. Oh wait, there's another thing contribution to my headache, lack of sleep!! Well, it would probably be more like lack of proper sleep. I think I slept 5 hours last night, as I went to bed around 3 AM like I usually do. Why do I do this exactly? I dunno. Well, I do know, but I also don't, if that makes sense? I now only have 5 minutes left in class now. I spent those past 9 minutes trying to think of things to say... and I still don't know what to say. I guess I'm just bored. These people in front of me are watching MrBeast Gaming on the school computer. Come to think of it, I don't think I've watched any of MrBeast's content ever since he still did that 'Worst Intros' series. Well, I don't really have anything else to say, plus there's only 2 minutes left of this period, so uh, bye!.?..??!? You know, I've just thought of something I might just do with this website. So, do you remember a while back when I was talking about making a site with a new name and migrating this LTE over to there? No? Well, that's fine. I don't quite remember much what I said back then either. But that doesn't matter because I'm going to explain what my idea is. So, I've just been sitting here, looking at the profile page of my website, specifically at the view count. Currently, it's at 12,722 views. Quite a lot! Well, at least I think it is... Anyway, looking back on that idea I had a while ago that I mentioned in the first sentence of this entry, my brain just kinda expanded on that idea. Just... out of the blue I guess. I mean, I know what caused that to happen, but I kinda don't at the same time. It's complicated. Now, this idea was similar to what I first thought of a while ago, but kinda different too. So, what this idea planned was to migrate this LTE to another website... domain I mean. I don't know, it's just a different site, alright? I don't think I'll title it something like 'mckenzielte' or 'mckenzie' though. I'm mostly sure I made a Neocities account a while back that I was using for a different purpose but since abandoned. Why? Well, I don't know, I can't really remember all of the details that long ago. Geez, I just logged into the account on my phone, and just looking at the site and previous posts... it's making me CRINGE!!! I was a loser back then... which was around 2 years ago. I think I was trying to do some sort of ARG or something. Sure did seem like it. However, it does have the domain name I want, which is good. It's actually the name of this old YouTube channel I used to post on. It was called something different in earlier years, but the current name is the same as the site. Anyway, I'm getting off track. So, according to this idea, I'll move my LTE onto there, BUUUT!!! You may be wondering, "what will you do with this site then? will you just delete it?" Well, no, my dear reader! I won't just delete it! In fact, I'll repurpose this site to host the LTE hub instead. It makes sense in my opinion. The domain name is literally "longesttextever", so one could imagine this could be THE site to read LTEs. AAND it has a lot of views already, so people who are either new to the LTE community or people who have never read an LTE could see this website with a lot of views and say to themselves, "Hmm, maybe this is the site where I can find LTEs or something!" You see what I mean!? And I could stop potentially posing as THE longest text ever using this domain, as that seems kinda scummy imo. A concern that may arise however is that some people may be confused on where my LTE went, but honestly, if they possess the ability to read the English language then I think they'll be fine. Also, another plus is that I could actually do other things with the website (the one I may move this LTE to), such as that gallery idea I had, or hell maybe even other things too! But, although there are these many pluses to moving my LTE to a new domain and converting this one into just the LTE hub, I'm still contemplating. I don't really know why though. Just... something tells me that I shouldn't be so sure about this choice. I don't know, it's a confusing feeling. Oh! Before I go, the Potato LTE was updated a day ago as of writing this, so go check it out in the LTE hub! Also, it's nice to know that they (Knockton) also remember MrBeast's Worst Intros series. I had no idea that he privated the videos though. I guess that shows how out of date I am on my MrBeast knowledge. Alright, I'd say it's about time for me to stop writing, only 5 minutes left in this class. Goodwell and farebye! wait, I don't think that's how it goes... Alright, what's up!!! I've taken the decision to move my LTE to this website and... uh. Yeah? I guess that's it. I can't really think of anything else to say, as I've been kind of stressed recently. I mean, I could talk about why, but I don't really feel like doing that riiiight nooowwwww... I don't know, maybe I'll talk about it in another entry. I'm really cold right now too, it was I think around 35 degrees F around an hour ago, I think it's still that as of writing this. Maybe that's why I don't wanna write much. Also could be due to this stomach ache I have. Ow! Uh, yeah, I guess that's it then. I'll update the longesttextever site shortly and do things. So, if you're coming from that site when it's updated, HI!!!!!!!!!! ok bye I'll make this quite short, but I've officially moved my LTE to this site now, and I'm now using this site to.. uh.. lte stuff I guess. Yeah. HI GUYS ITS UR MOM HERE I LIKE TO DO THINGS YEAH I HAD LESBIAN SEX WITH GOD. oh geez i think i just got hijacked. By the Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er. OH MY GOLLY GOSH GEE!!!! Well, I did say I'll make this quite short, and I'm keeping that promise even though its not actually classified as a promise, but rather a statement I made. I don't know, shut up! Go die! In a fire! Yeah. kk bye bye lol lol Well, I guess this is the first actual entry on this new site I guess? I don't know? Hm, well I guess I'll get to the point. I'm probably deprecating the beta page, as Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er stated in her LTE, "I HATE this, because this is just an extra button press to go to the beta page for no reasonnn." At the time, I didn't agree, but that opinion has changed over time, and time has passed. Wow! I love when time passes! I also love passing time! Actually, does time pass or do we pass time? Hmm, one of the many questions still left unanswered... Maybe I'll ask it on Quora or something. Nevermind, it's already been asked. Just googled it now, actually. Unfortunately, I can't see the full answer, because our school blocked us from accessing Quora. They also patched the Google Translate method too. DAMN IT!!!! Oh, I got offtrack... *ahem* Now, back to what I was talking about originally. As Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er stated before, there really is no point to have a beta page. I mean, if I want to test new features, then I'll just make a new page in a special secret folder I made in the directory. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is... because if I did, you guys would be spoiled on what features I'm working on next! And that ruins the ultimate surprise! [ FUN FACT: There Is No "ultimate surprise!". ] Wow, thanks Fact Bot... But also screw you Fact Bot... So, the whole point of this small rant-but-maybe-not-rant is that the beta page is essentially useless at this current point in time. So, it's going Bye Bye! Bye Bye beta page! Well, now I got That sorted out, I guess I'll talk about some things I'm working (or planning to work) on. Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er suggested for me to add a "Back to Top" button, so I'm gonna add that. It'll probably be a sticky element that starts to show at the very beginning of the LTE, and sticks to the top of your page when you scroll down. I'll probably fix whatever's happening with the character counter as well, and automatically add commas to stylize the number a bit more. I don't really know how to do that, but I'll find a way. Probably. Okay, maybe not. BUT!!! I shall try... Uhh, I'm at lunch now, and None of my friends are here. I'm so lonely!!!!! Wa!!!!! Hopefully next week changes that though... he haw he haw... Yeah, I don't really know what to say or whatever. I'm quite Hungry... so I'm probably gonna eat some Food. I guess that's it for this entry, lol! Well, Pink-ish Pickle LTE-er finally updated her LTE. Wowza!!!! That's quite Epic. If I say so Myself. ummm yeah i actually dont have anything to say rn cuz its the weekend. And I don't update on the weekend. Except for right now, but that's an exception. Y'know! Um yeah bye ?!??!?! Okay, maybe I'll do an actual entry or something. I don't know... It's 2:35 AM right now and i'm tired as Frick!!! im in a call with pink-ish pickler right now and have been for the past 6 hours. God dam!!! Uhh, so, some things happened. First, and foremost, I updated my main page. It's quite nice, even though it's still incomplete. But, that's to be expected. I can't really get everything done in a single day. Or... maybe I can!? Well, probably not in this state. tired... yeah I'm getting easily distracted by small little things. But, I guess that's what happens when you stay up until 2:30!!! Uh, sorry about that, I took a quick break reading various things from the Ice Chewing forum. It's quite... interesting. to say the least. Yeah. Well, I think I'm gonna go now, cause I'm tired as HELL!!! so uh yeah, i guess ill talk to you guys later. Bye!!!!!!! Ey Yo, im back! Back in Black. Men in Black? Uhhhh yeah i think. I don't know, I was trying to make a reference but FAILED. MISERABLY!!!! so sad... Ahem. Well. I'm making a new entry cuz im bored n all, the usual. A few things happened today. First, we're currently in a winter storm at the moment. But, we still had to go to school. BOOOOOOOO! Apparently where my school is resided, there was literally no snow at the time our classes started, so the admins thought, "Well, I guess we can pester our students to come today!" Even though where I live there was snow EVERYWHERE! But, I do live in a different school district than the school I go to. Okay, now there's snow Everywhere. Even Here. That's Ebic. We might not have school tomorrow after all. Good, honestly! I'm supposed to take a math exam tomorrow, so I'd love if that was pushed back... I'd love it... so much... :) :) ANyway, Pink-ish Pickler updated her main page quite a lot recently. Hell, it looks better than mine... god DAMN YOU!!! I'll get around to adding some more things. Maybe. Possibly. Don't count on it. Wait, why are you counting. I SAID NOT TO COUNT ON IT!!!!!! ...sorry about that. I'm just. Weird. Lately. I don't really know how to explain it, y'know Y'know? Uknow (I think). Also, supposed to have DND club today but it got Cancelled. Cause of the snow. There's so much snow. Maybe I'll include a picture... But it'll probably be after I add this entry as I'm in study hall at the moment. That means I'm supposed to be doing something productive. So I'm acting like I'm doing something productive. Wow This Is So Productive ! man i gotta piss. Don't really know why I typed that into here, guess I thought you guys should know that. ...Maybe it'll be better if you guys just pretended that sentence never existed... even though I literally have the power to remove that sentence from existance. But, it's too late now. I can't go back... (well actually I can but im just too lazy) Well, um. What to talk about now... Oh! Potato LTE was updated, so go check that out. Ummmm, Pink-ish Pickle LTE was updated too, so go check that as well. Maybe I should focus on adding some features I said I would add. I mean, Pink-ish Pickler added the "Back to Top" button before I did, so I ummmmmmm. Uh... Jeez, I can't really focus on typing. It's strange. I don't know if I'm stressed or excited. Sorry, I was just... doing things. Like attempting to fix my main.js and reading the Pink-ish Pickle LTE. Again, go read the Pink-ish Pickle LTE!!! Or else. I think that's all I have in my brain currently. I probably did have some other things, but I have long since forgot. Bye... Whaddup guys, back again. Tell your friend(s)? Guess who's back, guess who's back, etc. You get the idea. Well, I guess I'm back to the grind of... sigh. School. it SUCKS!!!! But, you also kinda need it to, y'know, become a contribution member of society and whatnot. But, it's just so HARD!!! For me, at least. I don't know, it's strange. Nearly all the people around me seem to be handling school just fine, but here I am just... struggling. I don't really know specifically why, I have a few ideas though. I mean, I do get quite distracted easily. First example of this, right now actually. I should be taking notes right now, but I'm not. Instead, I'm writing to this LTE. I guess I'm kinda doing this to myself, which is GOOD! Why? Well, that means I'm basically affecting nobody around me, so it's not a big issue! Well, it's an issue for me, but who really cares about that? As long as I'm not affecting anyone else, then it's fine I guess. I never really worked well in groups anyway. In fact, I've been committed to that mindset since elementary school! ...Yeah I know that sounds made up, and I don't really blame you for thinking that way. But, sometime in either 4th or 5th grade, I realized that I worked somewhat better alone. Not really in efficiency or anything actually productive, but rather for... emotions I guess. By myself, I don't really work all too efficient, but at least I won't have anyone to disappoint! Well, besides my parents. Parent, as of recently. But hey, I'm fine with that. Another issue I have is that I get demotivated easily, which applies to school work too. Even small assignments seem like just... too much at times. Due to those feelings, I never really finish any of those small assignments, even though most of the time they're easy. However, still knowing that an assignment is easy still doesn't change those feelings. I typically have to either be in a very good mood or forced to do those assignments. And hell, that's even less so for more difficult and big assignments. Now, it's time for something completely different. In the last entry, I did say that I might include a picture of how much snow there was. Here's that image. Yeah, you Better be grateful I actually decided to take a picture. I almost forgot... Well, now I'm in good ol' study hall, in which I will promptly do absolutely Nothing Productive! When I should Be! Yay! iuiihiihiiihiiihihhhihhihiuiiui Yeah. I'm working on a Minecraft Resource Pack for 1.16.5. It's called "Soyfilled". Cause the pack. Is filled. With Soy. SO much soy. That you can't even believe it, bro. uhhh yeah, the progress I've done on it so far is replace some of the music with their SiIvaGunner equivalents and change some text in the lang json. Oh, I've also completely removed any mention of Birch in the game. The blocks still exist, they're just not birch anymore. Why? Birch is objectively the worst type of wood, just below acacia. So, in MY resource pack, there's no more birch. No texture, no reference of it in the lang json, nothing. I've done you all a huge favor. In fact, in my server that I host and play on, I was getting some wood to make into sticks for the stick trade. The type of wood I chose to solely commit eradicating and extincting from my server to be made into sticks was birch. Of course, I didn't get rid of ALL the birch in the forests that surround us, but maybe I'll spend some time doing that tonight... I still have a lot to work to do on the resource pack, since I intend to replace nearly everything from the vanilla game into my own in it. Oh, I should also mention it isn't really a serious resource pack, if that makes sense. I'm adding a Fuck-Ton of memes into it. and NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME!!!!!!! One thing I was considering adding to the resource pack was to make the Villagers and Pillagers represent people of a certain... event that occurred in the past. However, I know that would be offensive to most, so I probably won't do it. Or, at the very least, make an alternate version of the pack with those changes replaced with something else. At first, I thought it was a funny idea, but now I've realized I'm just being a dick by adding that. I don't think I'd risk my reputation just for one dark joke. It does make sense, though. That's why I'm kinda on the fence on adding it or not. Maybe I will just make two packs... I have a few other ideas on what I'd replace the mobs with, but they're just concepts. Oh, I'm also making sand be Sans. Because haha. Soul Sand is gonna be Soul Sans as well. Hahaha. actually comedy gold. I'm also gonna replace End Stone with Cobblestone, and vice versa because again, Haha. It'll kinda be a Repaint of Minecraft. Speaking of, I think Games Repainted may have done a repaint of Minecraft once. If so, then I'll probably steal some of their ideas cuz screw originality. Be as copied as you want to be! I might also make a datapack too, but that's a little more complicated so maybe not. Depends on how motivated I'll stay to hopefully finish this project. I happen to start a lot of projects, but never finish them. This LTE is one of those exceptions I guess. Well, until I abandon this once I become unmotivated once more. Anyway, this class only has 5 minutes left and my next period doesn't require me to use my laptop. Or at least, I don't think? I dunno, we'll just have to see. Anyway, have the goodest of byes! bYE Hey hey fellers! What Is The Up. The Sky Is The Up. HA. HAHA. HAHAHA. Yes. Did you like my joke, guys? I did. Thanks, me! No problem, me! Wow, I love complimenting myself. Its just those small things that make your mood better, y'know? Ahem... well, I'm sure you guys have noticed (or not but that's fine) that the Birthday of This LTE (and pink-ish pickle) is... tomorrow? Oh, shit. Uhhh, just one small problem with that. I haven't prepared anything. For that birthday. And I wanna do something. For that birthday. hmmm, well I've had a few ideas in my head, but nothing put to action. I'm not gonna share any of em with you, of course. At least until the day of reckoning approaches (which is tomorrow). Actually, a small amount of time (about an hour) has passed since that last sentence and I've decided on what I'm going to be doing tomorrow. I have no idea if it'll actually work or not, but time will tell. Anyway, yeah that's it lol Bye. alright Hi guys. So as it turns out, my little idea kinda flopped. Lol. So, I didn't do anything for the birthday of My LTE. Maybe next year... I'll think of something better! My idea was to make EOTW 5 and have all my friends join in and add random shit to the document, but NOBODY PARTICIPATED!!!!!!! I'm So Mad, But Not Really, Cause It Was Kinda A Bad Idea. I don't know, maybe I will make EOTW 5. But, if I do, its gonna be the Best out of the rest and the Last. I think the EOTW tradition has gone for long enough, and literally nobody cares about it anymore. Well, besides yours truly. Anyway, decided to write cause I got nothing else to do. Actually that's a lie as I have plenty of things to do. But nahhhhhhh, those can wait. lole. Okay I just took a test in one o' my classes and I think I at least got half on it. I didn't study any of the nights before because, of course, procrastination. But, I did study during Geometry with Pink-ish Pickler today. Well, Pink-ish Pickler didn't literally study with me but I was in the same class as her at the time. If that makes sense... Two specific people in the DnD Discord server said that coffee is cringe, which is FALSE!!! Coffee is amazing. If you need to wake yourself up quickly, drink a cup of coffee. It's what I do every single day before I go to school. Which is nice as I do not get adequate hours of sleep. Fun! AAAnd if you add that yummy shit to it (creamer) then it tastes even better. I personally don't like drinking black coffee, so I add the yummy shit to it. It's very nice. Very. Recently, our school has started the process of selecting our classes for next year. I don't think I go until next Thursday, so I have some time to decide what I wanna do next year. I wanna try to be in the same classes as my friends, but that can be difficult to plan and successfully execute. First we have to get into the same class with the same teacher, and THEN we gotta get into the same period. I don't think there's a definite strategy, so it's mostly based on submitting our forms first and hoping the teacher (or whoever decides it) puts us into the same period. I think I might try doing this filming class I did when I was in 6th grade again, as I do have a YouTube channel so I can get my mind used to Premiere Pro again. For now, I just use Shotcut to edit my videos. It's alright, it gets the job done at least. And, it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEE so that's a plus. Only 4 minutes until we're released to lunch. I love lunch, I love eating food. It's so Food. Yeah. I don't know, I'm just trying to add characters. wasd! The gamer letters... There's also arrow keys but those are only used for RPGs typically. I wonder when Undertale 2 is coming out... Actually, I wonder when the rest of Deltarune is coming out as well. It's gonna be so Epic. Alright, it's about time to go now, so now I go to time. What!!!!!! Well Im in a boring class. So boring. So so. So SO? What. I don't know, man! Stop asking me shit! And go back to Starbucks, where you BELONG! Haha, hashtag roasted... Yeah, just spouting random nonsense again as per usual. Well, maybe not THAT usual, but somewhat usual. Or, maybe it's... unusual? Anyway, yeah I'm in kinda like a study hall class but not really. It's only 30 minutes instead of the typical 70 minutes our usual classes are. Yeah. Well, recently I've started a new epic server for my friends and I named the Soy SMP. It's So Fun. I'm having a Blast. We used to play on 1.12.2, but then changed to 1.16.5 as that got boring (well they found 1.12.2 boring I still liked it) and THEN switched to the most recent version at this current point in time, 1.19.4. I was originally against the idea of adding the Caves and Cliffs update to the server, as I didn't like the way caves were changed. However, that opinion has changed now, and I actually like the CaC update now. It's quite fun exploring the deep caves, especially where it all consists of deepslate. There's actually a ton of diamonds down there. My friend(s) and I went down there a few days ago and I hauled around 18 diamonds, all of which I found through mining ores. So, yeah, that's really good. However, it's kinda useless to find those diamonds now as we already have enchanted diamond armor and tools that we got from Pink-ish Pickler trading with a lot of villagers. In fact, we stole all of the villagers from their home village and imprisoned them in a trading hall we have at our base. Now, if anyone besides Pink-ish Pickler and I wants to trade with our villagers, they're gonna have to come to us. I don't really know if we've invoked a system of them giving us stuff and we giving the villager loot in return but that would be fun I believe. Yeah, we should introduce capitalism to the Soy SMP! So fun! Also, during that diamond haul that I got exploring those caves, we actually found an ancient city. The loot there was alright, nothing insane but still some good loot. I got a few disc fragments for that new disc that was added and my friend got some enchanted diamond leggings or something. I also found this completely stacked pair of leggings with Mending, Unbreaking III, and Protection IV I believe but they were iron. So, maybe I'll grind it in the grindstone for Thy XP but maybe not. I've set up a zombie farm using this dungeon I found, and that gives around a level per 5 minutes of AFK-ing and killing the zombies in the farm. I looked up the design on YouTube as I had literally no idea how to make one and the tutorial on the Minecraft wiki seemed un-nessecarily complicated. Either that or I'm just too STUPID to read it. Anyway, the current things on the agenda are to get full netherite armor and tools (which we've already done some progress on) and to kill the ender dragon. We have all the materials to go to the end (maybe a little too much) but the thing that's stopping us is that I'd like to get everyone that (somewhat) regularly plays the server to join us in the slaying of the dragon. Sounds easy, right? Well, when you're a high school student that fucking sucks at dedicating time to complete assignments on time, not so much. That isn't just about me, either. There are SOME people (who shall not be named but maybe in the near future if I hate them enough) that can relate to that statement that ALSO play the server regularly. So, I'd say the best chance to do this is on the weekend, but that could also be problematic for those who have family that actually care about them. So it's basically a huge game of... what's the right metaphor to describe this... Tag? Duck Duck Goose? Idfk man, it's just difficult to get them all on the server at once. We've only done it once before, and that was either during winter break or our few snow days we had a while back. Plus, some may just not be interested in playing on the server at the time others wish, so even more issues with that. BUT! I promise to all of you (2 people) that WE shall beat the ender dragon with ALL of us. Or maybe I'll just do it on my own lol. Also, it appears that Herobrine is haunting the server. In the first video that Good Friend Harry and I recorded on the server, he spawned in our stupid strip mine thing and we got Very Scared. It was truly haunting. Maybe I'll post the clip on YouTube and link it here, but I'm at school right now and the video is on my PC so, yeah, kinda hard to do that. However, it seems he's escaped the mine we trapped him in and is now haunting us just outside our line of sight. Here's a screenshot of him lurking (near the top right) and another towards the top left instead (and also the community house which Pink-ish Pickler built with her INSANE building talent which she claims that the house is just a mere fraction of her capability actually I'm not completely sure she said that but idk this is getting too long). Anyway, I probably have some more to say but I just can't think of it right now. I might or might not update this later today, but favors are in the latter. See You Next whats app guys welcome back to another Video today we re gonna kill. Yeah!!!!!!! I love KILL!!!!! Wake up and wake up the wake up . I dont kno w what im saying so this may be confusing to some audiences. Proceed if YOU DARE!! yeah i dont know what im doing with my life right now, I'm supposed to be studying for a math quiz I have tomorrow BUT i don't feel like it lol. Maybe thats why my grades suck ass! Anyway, I do things. These things consist of Nothing, Nothing, and last but most certainly least, NOTHING!!!!! brain is not functioning Why! I saw this cool minecraft mod on youtube the other day, it was called like "Modern Beta" or something. It enables one to generate a world in previous eras of Minecraft's world generation system so thats kinda cool I guess. I was gonna play with it for a bit but I got distracted doing something else. What? Oh, I don't know. I can't remember. Like I said, brain broke. Brain break. What? No, I don't eat that kind of SALAD. It's literally just lettuce, what the hell. I tried salad for the first time in 30 years yesterday, it was Ok. Just ok, still tasted like leaves but I guess That is what it is. I'm trying to think, shut up for a sec! Wait, did you say you like roast beef? ME too! friend is sick so he's an L honestly. aeiou Aeiou AEiou aeIou. Im fun. Y'know, something that's been on my mind recently is that in real life, i'm a fuckin loser But in the World of Online Games, im cool. It's crazy, kinda. Maybe. Something to think about. I wish i could transfer that coolness over to my real life but it doesn't work that way!!! I don't know what the HELL pink pickle is doing But its probably soemthing. Oh I've run out of things to say, Gotta Go!!! Maybe. Possibly. I'm getting close to full netherite armor on my server, I've already upgraded my chestplate and leggings, along with my sword and pickaxe. The enchantments i got on those pieces of equipment is kinda Wacko. Very wacko. I won't say specifically what they are, because I don't want to. Lol. We only have like uhhh 2 minutes left of this class it sucks. It also kinda doesn't suck as today our classes are shortened to around 30 minutes, but it also do suck as we have all of our classes today. So, for some specific classes I'm not gonna be so happy, and the reverse for some others. I went to the dentist on the weekend. Apparently my teeth are all FUCKED UP!!! Well, not to that extent (maybe). But they had to fill some holes in my teeth which is cool I guess. However, they only did the right side of my mouth so I gotta go back AGAIN to fill the holes in the left side of my mouth. And then I'll need to take good care of my teeth from then on, unlike what younger me did. Screw you younger me! Anyway yeah i think thats it now because im Sdumb. bye Hey guys, this is a little test just to see if I stole code correctly or not. YAAAAAAAY! alright looks like I did... only like the 4th time I've stolen code that is. anyway HI HELLO!!! Welcome back to Mckenzie LTE real. Oh yeah, it's LTEing time. Anyway, as some of you may or may not notice, I've finally fixed that darn little Character Counter!!! It doesn't really look like it's changed at all, but under the hood I've COMPLETELY REWRITTEN IT!!! By that I mean I stole code lol. Yeah, imagine writing your own code, couldn't be me... Anyway, the way I fixed it was using this little thing called ChatGPT! I know I know, yes I used the funny chat bot to fix my code for me BUT!!!! I do not care if you dislike this action or not, because honestly I couldn't exactly figure it out on my own by just looking at some Stack Overflow posts or just crawling the various pages of Google. So, I decided to do something more direct. Yes, I could've asked an actual person for this, but as you all know I suck at social interraction. AAND there was probably the chance of I not even getting what I wanted in the first place. Pink-ish Pickler actually gave me the idea to use ChatGPT to write some code, so thanks Pink-ish Pickler!!! She also tried to help me by telling it to do exactly what the counter does, but then I told it to do that but better so HA! I might even use it to fix the kinda buggy site style thing... but that's for later!!! Anyway, now I don't have to edit the javascript everytime I write an entry. So epic. I originally attempted to steal some of Knocktons code but that kinda fell flat. Speaking of Knockton, they haven't updated their LTE in over 2 weeks... I wonder if they're okay. I mean, they probably are. They're just prioritizing on school I assume, which I don't blame them for. But me? I don't got time for that!!! Sure, my life is rapidly going down a bad path by doing this, but I get to write on the funny websight so it's worth it. I'm hungry. Oh, that reminds me. Yesterday in DND club, one of our club members brought popsicles and gave some to all of us. It was quite nice, even though it's the middle of March, but whatever. Anyway, I think we all got at least 2. One was one of those dual popsicles (i got grape flavor) and another one I didn't see what it was specifically but I think it was just a single. So, I tried to eat the dual popsicle but it burst into two when I tried to separate one. Now, I had one piece that had both sticks in them, and the other had no stick. I decided to eat the piece that had the sticks in them as it would be easier, and I threw the rest away because club was over and I couldn't eat in the car going home. But, for the second popsicle I got, I decided to just put in my lunchbox and eat it when I got home. However, I forgot I put it in my lunchbox and I didn't eat it. Turns out the next day, that same popsicle melted and apparently some of it escaped the confines of the lunchbox (the melted portions at least). If you don't know, paper-like materials and melted popsicles don't really work well together. But from what it looks like, nothing was really damaged so... I guess I got lucky. Anyway, that's probably all I have to write for today, so BYE!!! oi whaddup, Gonna write cause I can. Not much has really happened recently, well anything of big importance at least. I added a little thing in the javascript that changes the welcome text at the top depending on the specific day. I only added a few special days, so you'll only see it on those (which I will not elaborate on what those specific days are LOL). Good Friend Harry introduced me to a new game recently as, if you didn't know, EXP Simulator got blocked on the school computers recently. I'm kinda glad as Harry can't flex his STUPID LITTLE STATS on that STUPID LITTLE GAME 24/7. Anyway, the game's called "Prestige Tree" and it's pretty fun. If I'm being honest, it might be a little more fun than EXP Simulator, but I don't know, I haven't progressed much in the game. I'm ahead of Harry though, so I got that going for me. Harry if you're reading this then HAHAHAHA IM BETTER AT PRESTIGE TREE THAN YOU!!!!! Anyway, here's the link if you wanna check it out. Hmm, what else... Oh, right. You know that one Minecraft resource pack I was making. Well, I accidentally deleted it while cleaning up my MultiMC instances. It's fine, I didn't really get that far in the pack anyway. I might try to make it again in the future, but I'm not very motivated to do so right now. Knockton updated their LTE a few days ago. It's funny, cause I think an hour or two after I last updated my LTE, they updated theirs. That's happened a few times actually. It's a little strange... Anyway, it's good to know they're not dead or anything. So, go READ IT!!!!! It's on the LTE Hub!!!! okay Bye. hi Hi guys Guys. Writing some more because I got nothin to do. Actually, I do have things to do but it's just that everyone in this class seems to hate me, so not really I guess. We're supposed to be combining some of our solo dances we made a few weeks ago into a duet, but it's kinda hard to do that with the previously mentioned issue. And yes, I'm in a dance class even though my feet don't work correctly. It's not like I chose it for dance itself, it's a required thing one needs to take in order to graduate. Don't get me wrong, dance as an artform is fine and I won't stop others from enjoying that just because I personally don't enjoy it, I'm not THAT much of a dick. Just kinda sucks that it's required to take at this school, especially for people like me. Anyway, I was going to leak some drama to the general populace that are you readers of this LTE, but I've decided against it. Also, it's the next day now. Yeah, classes on Monday only last around 30 minutes instead of the typical 75. Okay, now it's the Next Next day. Yeah, that's right. I've officially worked on this entry for 3 days now. I'll probably post it today though, so you guys don't have to wait another 599 years for me to update my LTE. I pretty much spent the last 15 minutes thinking about what I want to talk about, and I still don't know what I want to talk about. Bruh!!! Now there's only 5 minutes left of my class. Bruh!!! Next I have lunch. Not bruh!!! Alright, I'm actually working on the gallery thing I (probably) said I'd work on so YA!!!! Also I may or may not do some work on that LTE Rules page I said I'd make like forever ago since I'm bored and I can't really think of what to write right now LOLE. BAYA!!!!! yo what s up guys Im back! After a long while of 1 week, I hath returne. Spring Break went by quite fast for me as I did pretty much nothing over the course of our week off. Basically just played games all week (as per usual). At the time of writing this, we have only 5.449315 calendar years until the end of the world. I'm so HYPED!!!! I can't wait until the end of the world, it'll be so Lit. Hi, it's the tomorrow now. My legs hurt from the angle they've been in for the past hour or so. I know that sentence probably sounds strange, but I don't really know any other way to word it. And would ya look at that! It's the next NEXT day! So COOL!!!!! What to talk about Lol i dont know hahahahahhashajhaejhqefujhbwegjhwewejhwehwebhuw.emne Sorry. Stupid Creative Cloud keeps giving me useless notifications and it's ANNOYING!!!! Thing is, I can't turn off the automatic start on boot because this is the school laptop and not my regular laptop, meaning I do not have administrator privileges. GOSH DANG IT!!!! Actually... I'm not completely sure one needs admin to change those settings. Let me try... aaaand I was right, I can't change it here. BOOOOOOOO!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ok. Today is a 2-hour early release CAUSE we got conferences. Let me just say, I don't think my grades right now are Quite Good. I think they're Quite Bad, actually. So, I'd say I'm kinda screwed. But, enough of that. Remember that gallery thing I was working on? Well, I'd say it's in a good enough state to be finally released to the public! Course, it's not FULLY complete but I'll update it over time. There's still some digital drawings I've yet to put up there. Actually, I might make two separate categories for the gallery, one being traditional and the other beign digital. Maybe, it depends on the ratio on traditional drawings vs. digital drawings. Well, I can't think of anything else to talk about at this current moment in time so I guess I'll end it here. OH!!! Go check out Pink-ish Pickle LTE and Knockton's Potato LTE, THEY UPDATED!!!!!! LINKS IN LTE HUB!!!!!!!!!!!!! by THREE WEEKS!!! GIVE IT UP FOR THREE WEEKS!!! Three weeks have passed since my last update to this site. Quite a while, hmm?? Yeah, sorry for the absence. I guess I was getting a little burnt out on updating my LTE. BUT! Don't think I've been completely slacking off...! I've actually been working on a little co-op project with the Pink-ish Pickler. That's right, the two greatest minds in all of the world working together!! ...okay maybe I'm being a little TOO egotistical, BUT STILL! It's good to have some self-confidence! But it's also good to not be completely full of yourself. It's a balance that I believe every person needs to practice. ooooo aaaaaaa im being spiritual now or Whatever. But still, it's good to have both of those (in moderation). What was I talking about again...? OH right, the project that we're working on. I'll give a quick rundown. Basically, every week our school puts out a weekly schedule that lists the current classes with times for the days, showcases if we have any, and any before or after school events such as clubs. The only ways a student is able to view the schedule is to A) view the weekly newsletter that is sent out every Sunday morning via email and hosted on, B) go to the schools official website and go through a bunch of pages to view the schedule, or C) locate one of the few physical papers with the schedule in the school (which they never tell us where those are). We (pickler and I) think that the current ways of viewing the schedule are inconvenient. Sure, they work, but it's just TOOOOO MUUUUCH WOOOORK, and the current generation of kiddins (us included) aren't typically willing to put in that much work to view the schedule. SOO, we instead opted to make a Neocities website for that sole purpose! That way, one could just go to that simple URL and view the weekly schedule with no hassle! Wow, I'm so good at pitching ideas. I wish that skill could transfer into the real world instead of just text! Anyway, I'm not gonna include the link unfortunately as I would basically be doxxing myself (or the school I go to anyway) and I don't wanna do that again! Although I don't think anyones noticed the first time I've accidentally doxed myself before, and I'm gonna try to keep it that way. Now, what else... Actually, there's something I thought of yesterday and I'd like to share my thoughts on it. The difference between a 'programmer' and a 'coder'. For a while, I've thought that these words mean basically the same thing. But then, I used my brain. Shocking, I know! But I used my brain, and the results are... kinda wack, bro. I believe that the difference between a 'programmer' and a 'coder' is that a 'programmer' writes code professionally or for business, like a job or something, while a 'coder' writes code unprofessionally or for fun, such as personal projects like this website for example. Not saying that skill is interpreted by these two titles, just that this is what I think these titles signify what specific people who write code want to accomplish... if that makes sense. It probably doesn't, but much doesn't make sense in this LTE now does it? I've noticed that Knockton still has been updating their LTE despite our hiatuses and I have to say, I respect the hustle. To be fair, I did basically the same thing when Pink-ish Pickler wasn't updating like a year or two ago, but still! It's good to keep staying active on your LTE despite others not doing the same (ahem pink pickle ahem). Y'know, it's funny. A while back it was I who was slacking on updating my LTE and Pink Pickle yelling at everyone to update their LTEs. Ah, how time passes... I love it when time passes, unless it's not in my favor then I HATE IT!!! But typically, that isn't the case. Thank gosh golly gee! I have to say, recently my writing hasn't been my strongest. Well, it's never been my strongest but nowadays I'm having trouble just... writing things. Like, I can word them near perfectly in my head, but when I want to write it out I just... can't? Either that or it's an extremely watered down version of what I had in my head. I don't really know why this is the case... I'm not one to assume that I have a mental illness based on, well, nothing really. But it has been on my mind. I already have a physical disability, I don't need a mental one too!!! I read a comment from somewhere that I can't remember, but it was some obscure website I think. Anyway, this one person was asking a question like, "I'm having trouble writing this script for my video, anyone have any tips?" And this one person replied, "From what I learned in (some sort of english class), it's easier to edit existing text than to write from scratch. Even if what you write first is awful, I always found it easier to edit it later." ...or something like that. Again, I don't really remember all the details. But this piece of advice has kinda changed the way I think about writing. For better or for worse, I can't really tell. On a unrelated note, I'm gonna talk about Twitter now!!!! So fun!!! Anyway, as horrible as a platform (and to extention, the people that live off of it) it is, it's kind of addicting. Y'know, just to view the daily trending posts for the day that aren't related to politics or whatever, cause that shit is boring AF. There are some posts that I've seen on there that did get a chuckle out of me, or just things I found interesting. I kinda just browse it whenever I'm bored and I don't know what to do. Don't worry I don't use it daily, I'm not that depraved. But now that I think about it, I do have an old twitter account I made some odd years ago. ...oh god, am I turning into a Twitter user? Oh, oh god NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Eh, probably not. It's not like I've used Twitter for the sake of interacting with other people, I just use Real Life to do that! But I think this can prove a point that nearly every social media platform has at least 1 good thing about it that can benefit the user. Except for Facebook. That platform is ASS. Why? well my MOTHER got HACKED on FACEBOOK!!! How could they do this to my poor mother... evil facebook hackers. Recently neither of my two good buddy friend chum pals have been at DND club so I haven't been going either. If I'm being honest, the whole reason I went to DND club was just to hang out with my friends some more. I didn't care that much about doing actual DND if it wasn't with my good buds. Don't get me wrong, I don't think DND is a bad game or anything, I'm just not that invested in it as some of the other people in the club. We haven't really been doing much actual DND either, even if my good friend buddy chums are there. We pretty much just do whatever I guess. It gets kind of boring at times since we have 2 hours and we're still under regular school supervision. I mean, we have a little more freedom that we do during the school day but not by much. I'm gonna end this entry here as I've written quite a lot. I'd love to keep writing more, but I've kind of run out of ideas. Plus it's only 9 minutes until we get out of school sooooo.... ya. I might write some more this week or the next, but finals are gonna be kicking my ass pretty soon so I wouldn't count on it. Hopefully I git gud... alright bye guys make sure to Liek and ScrubScribe. PEACE!!!